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    The reason why DB villains > Naruto villains.

  2. Sonic

    Kakashi, Haku & Itachi are faster than the Fourth Raikage

  3. Sonic

    Sick Itachi vs SM Jiraiya

    Could go either way , assuming Jiraiya starts in sage mode. Outlasting is a viable option for Jiraiya.
  4. Sonic

    Who is the lowest Kage Level?

    The minimum for me to consider a character kage level is to be able to take out one of the weaker tailed beasts. Hidan fits the bill.
  5. Sonic

    Rank these abilitys/modes/Dojutsu through a "power level"

    Kcm 2 Kcm 1 Obito Ms Dual rinnengan (unoriginal user) Perfect toad SM Itachi MS V2 Lightning armor 7th gate Kakashi MS V2 4 tail Naruto Imperfect sage mode 3 tomoe sharingan
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    How strong would Tsunade be with a weapon?

    Most weapons wouldn't really fit her style , she's a brute force type character but she'd an elite kage if she got her hands on a sword of the seven ninja swordman. The "Kabutowari" especially I think would suit her the best. Agreed , I always though that more elite Shinobi should use...
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    Naruto Who is the weakest person who can defeat Sannin summons?

    Elite jōnin. Lower mid kages or above could beat them all out once. We have seen people like Hidan handily winning against Tailed beasts meanwhile , Gamabunta looks like he's gonna pass out after fighting with Shukaku for a couple of minutes. They are not anywhere near kage / Akatsuki level...
  8. Sonic

    Itachi and Kisame vs Sannin

    Sannin win. Kisame is not going to be able to pull his own weight , and Itachi gets overwhelmed as Jiraiya alone would be a high diff for him.
  9. Sonic

    Naruto Base A vs Asuma

    A still stomps , he still has Biju level chakra at the end of the day without lightning armor which could help a lot if he needs to outlast to win , his speed and durability take a tremendous toll but his durability still makes him extremely hard to damage. Going by C's statements , even his...
  10. Sonic

    is Momoshiki stronger than Jigen/Isshiki physically?

    The anime does this better , they added lightning chakra to his sword vs Isshiki which makes more sense.
  11. Sonic

    Why is Tsunade seen as significantly weaker than her Sannin peers?

    No idea why.
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    Naruto The Akatsuki vs EMS Madara

    Madara , he still clowns these fodders with perfect Susanoo.
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    Convo NBD Meta Convo Thread #1: Homecoming

  14. Sonic

    Naruto Darui and Cee vs Asuma and Kurenai

    Darui solos. Darui was fourth strongest in the cloud at the beginning of Shippuden. Better speed scaling and quality of ninjutsu. His black lightning jutsu fries them. I just can't see Darui admitting Hidan is out of his league like Asuma did.
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    Naruto Everyone loses chakra in Naruto? Who is the best fighter?

    Pure ninjutsu spammers are pretty much automatically disqualified. Killer Bee or Sasuke with their swords would be really hard to fight. Might Guy also because of his skill. The Raikages would be at the top also because their natural durability makes them extremely hard to damage.
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