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  • Not bad.

    Pretty much everybody speaks English, though if you ask them where something is in English, they'll lie.

    They don't like speaking it.
    It is; though the helmet should be above the shield with the dragon over it and behind the shield and helmet there should be giant planets and a little rope of white and red ontop of the helmet...that is the best I could manage. I had to move a few things to make it so I could wear it here xD

    And thank you! It took me forever to make :p
    Thank you so very much.
    I am on the fence about it anyway. I thought it would look good for a venture into politics, but starting early in local government seems to be the better choice for me.
    Hmmm, I've thought we've won on that ground, you don't see any high-end liberal lunacy outside of a couple of noobs *which I give a lot of rope, interacting with others that have opposite opinions makes them more open over time.* IMO, I think it has more to do with people who've had a membership for awhile on this forums and then just discover the Cafe and think that by saying any sort of lunatic remark will earn them brownie points.

    Either way it rolls, I have to get to bed, have a good night and hopefully this recent situation will resolve itself for the better.
    I don't think I expected anyone to get involved in the fight against what the forums become, even those I don't agree with like Sauf and some of the others like Space Cowboy have been trying to better the place but the issue is that the forum's developed a culture that is very much troll central and some of the old trolls are now mods here or were in the past. The site has degenerated into some kind of mess of people who go between trolling and stupidity. Even the best conservative ideas and arguments are always shunned and it seems no matter how liberal gets people range from ignoring it to championing it.
    I doubt anyone is. I have friends in England and London, I also get tired of the BS that people pull in these threads. Greet Wilders and his blame anyone who's not white for everything, a lot of the shit other members pull is equally tiring too. This place is more of a cesspool than a forum these days and the mods seem to do little to fix it.

    Couple that with the fact people say I should calm down and let them burn their anger out...when the US has huge problems and gets disgruntled in the least its totally unwarranted. No one wants the least bit of sympathetic to that. And I don't really feel like saying the same for people like this guy.
    That's absolutely true. If we had the discussion in person in real life, I am sure that it would have stayed more civilized. Ultimately. I think that people who are too scared to express themselves in real life, and up doing so aggressively when they can in a secure environment like this.
    Its really true. I do appreciate it. I am glad to see that I am not crazy and that they are overreacting.
    Watching crime shows has shown me that idealism to 'reform' criminals or keep them cooshy in prison...is just plain wrong.
    I often defend against notions that 'Humans are Bastards' by claiming the actions of a few don't mean the entire race is evil. That's idealism.

    Though I am realistic when it comes to the law.
    ...I can't help but feel that people who don't support the Death Penalty are horrible people inside since they identify more with the perpetrators instead of the victims.
    Neither system is adequate, but Innocent until Proven Guilty proves more innocent people than guilty. Having it Guilty until proven Innocent is just a horrible system that was abound in the Dark Ages.
    Unless there is all the evidence that proves without a shadow of a doubt that the person is guilty, he's/she's innocent. I've seen a lot of cases where a person is proven innocent but their lives are ruined due to public opinion already labeling them guilty.
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