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  • Oh, no doubt the saddest echelons of life won't be achieved here; however, I have to realize that I've spent over 6 years on this forum, a good portion of my later teenage years and well into my 20s. A forum dedicated an orange, magical retarded ninja, to borrow from another forum soul.

    I'm hoping there's some sort of universal equivalent exchange of the nebulous concept of luck and that I'm burning through all my bad stock at the start, and that some sort of cosmic jumpstart is going to get my good luck going. I like to think that, anyways.
    I do, I do.

    How sad it is, though, is entirely up to your imagination.

    And, alright, all things considered, but my life always seems to be an unfortunate and unintended adventure--incessantly. I get the crazy end of the stick, usually.

    And yourself?
    Damn, it's been a long time.

    Not even sure you still find your way here--either way, here's to saying 'hello.'
    I wasn't talking about a single person... but a gaggle of fucks I love for some reason... 144 blogs... that's a lot haha.. I'm gonna read them. Pick out my favorite part. Try to learn how a smart person writes... my homage to you
    I appreciate your comment. Alas I can't take credit for them. I have a geat muse and I have great influences... Neither of which are of my own creation. Tell me did you enjoy the part about my penis? Cuz that was all me lol
    Haha, I know the pain. I was forced to not watch Iron Man without my last girlfriend and ended up ditching the promise because I had waited so long for the movie. :hurr

    I know the pain of watching a doctor pass. I could cheer you up with some observations though, about the transformation process having an effect on the type of doctor that comes out. :3

    I think that when Tennant's doctor was born out of Eccleston, he was born with a lot of energy from the Tardis' fuel-source, and he was born directly after the conflict with the Daleks, which easily drained him quite a bit. Being born out of conflict also continually became a theme for him since he was drawn into it a lot more than usual. He has had perhaps the most calamitous set of companions one after another, whereas, in his transformation, we see Matt Smith being born into a Tardis which is collapsing, and in need of healing. I think that is also part of theme with the shreds in the universe. This new doctor is meant to heal some of the damage done in part by his own kind. I think that the shreds in the universe might be a consequence of Tennant's doctor's meddling with storylines where he shouldn't have interfered.

    The interesting thing is that these doctors never get to choose what their destiny will be. It is sort of a choice made for them. They run into the same kind of conflicts that fit their story, and this is in part what makes The Doctor different from other Time Lords and other creatures. His title means that he is responsible for healing other people, and similarly, the Master is responsible for mastering other people, and so they have to bump into one another again and again. Eventually, whether The Doctor is born directly out of conflict, or whether his path converges with it, he ends up having to heal great and often irreparable damage, leading to his own demise. And although this cycle goes on and on forever, we still don't call him a tragic hero.
    You're welcome.

    I just watched the new episode now. Oh my God I love this show so much. :argh
    Sorry, I did expect a lot more response than I actually got, and before you know it, I had another project running. :(

    I could give you a long-winded response now and so I shall.
    Ever heard of Imogen Heap by chance? (I should really stop bombarding you with bad music but I can't... >_>)
    I don't know, you're 6 years younger than me that doesn't really track. :hmm

    Maybe we just need to take our glasses to the repair shop and everything will be a-okay.
    My rose-colored glasses fell off and broke. Now I only see the world in a cracked multi-colored view. :-(

    I'm sure things will get better; like you said, they always do. Of course, for me, they always tend to get worse later.
    Yeah, probably so. Uncle died, had a terrible weekend, confused, hurt, and my hair's sticking up. :(
    Thank you for taking the time to read that little scene; I often find that associations are far more potent than explicit details.
    Funnily enough, on the only personality test I've ever taken - it was for the BBC =P - I came out as mostly neurotic and 'open' (to experiences, that is).
    Kazuo Ishiguro is English. =P

    Too skinny for fishnets?! I think I'm probably just too male for fishnets, although I guess they are something that you kind of need to fill out.

    I know what you mean there... Although often I'm too impatient and just throw the book down in anger! Hence I've been reading a lot of short stories recently, and I'm having to get myself back onto novels proper. I've been rather lost in H.P. Lovecraft recently, and - although a brief search on the internet would lead you to hoards of well meaning but uninteresting and probably intellectually challenged fans - he's certainly capable of writing brilliant horror stories (as well as not so brilliant ones...).

    Music certainly takes a while to sink in, I think. I wasn't particularly fond of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea when I first listened to it, but after a couple runs through... Well, the rest is history. I have a phenomenal headache.

    I often get headaches. The price I pay for being tall and thin?
    When We Were Orphans, by Kazuo Ishiguro. I think I'm attracted to him because he's so easy and elegant, whereas I am so contrived!

    A brief look back at our conversation history not only lets me know that we've basically just talked about sexual confidence and tea, but that I've already told you my name.

    I've never been snowed in (but I'll post some pictures of my snowy garden in the LD later... it snowed peculiarly hard this winter). I've also never worn makeup. I have been tempted by fishnets, but decided against it in the end...
    I do, and breakfast tea is my tea of choice!

    Perhaps you're right there. I'm currently trying to read facing towards the window. 'Why not face away from the window?', I hear you cry. Well, then I wouldn't be able to put my feet up on the radiator. And it is imperative that I put my feet up on the radiator. The choices one has to make in life...
    I do not approve of sugar in tea. If you want sugar, eat sugar. You can't see, but I'm narrowing my eyes in barely suppressed rage at the idea of people putting sugar in tea. Rotten bastards. And now you bring my chest in to the discussion? Honestly, woman...
    I was about to reply, then I remembered my green tea brewing downstairs.

    I do not usually drink green tea. I found a packet at the back of the cupboard, and cautiously sniffed the contents. As it turns out, the stuff smells like fish, looks like bile, but tastes relatively pleasant.

    I'll remember to wear body armour and a crash helmet if I ever pass through your neighborhood then? ;)
    I'm doing okay - got some offers from some good universities (Exeter!), and should be off this autumn to get down to studying english literature. If all goes well.

    As far as entertainment goes, I've been trying and failing to write more songs - and thus have inevitably just resorted to playing a load of Mountain Goats covers... voila: I've finally started reading some Kazuo Ishiguro these past few days though, and I think I've found a new favourite modern author in him...
    Don't let the pallid face, skeletal frame and suspiciously earthy clothes fool you; I've never been dead. I'm just hugely unreliable, and tend to disappear into the wilderness for months at a time >_>
    Haha, for the most part it's all just talk. I may not have the best self-esteem, but I have a bit of self-worth still left. It may not be much, but it's definitely there.
    Well then; also, don't mind if I sound self-deprecating at times. It's all some strange sense of my ill-based humor and attempt at wit.
    Hahaha, my bad. I'm awful about that - trust me, most people are generally at a loss when talking to me (figuring out if part of it is in jest or not). I've been reprimanded for it quite a few times.

    I will do my best to be less of a jerk, I swear.
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