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  • Nadal isn't going to drop a SINGLE SET this clay season. Watch. He's gonna sweep the entire thing (Monte Carlo, Barcelona already in the bag) including Roland Garros with straight set wins.

    Seems like it. He's somewhere unreachably high right now pissing winners left and right from above.

    On one hand he plays abit like 2005 federer on hc on the other hand it's like watching a train crash in slow motion
    It was my privacy settings. It didn't occur to me until recently how widespread reading other people's VMs were... I knew it always happened but only recently did I realize the extent of it... @__@

    Were you talking about Kei? Are you Japanese? : O

    Well, I'm sure you can always catch a replay. I mean, with all those channels (assuming you have them), they'll always show some replays for the more popular stuff. From what I understand, Olympic tennis wasn't really taken seriously until about... 2004, right? Makes it pretty tough to win a Career Golden Grand Slam when it's only once every four years. Not to mention you don't know the surface and one bad game means you have to wait another four years... DX

    Yeah, sounds pretty much the same. I think you wear less protection in rugby than US football. Speaking of US football, I forgot the season already started. I haven't really been following it the last couple of years... Maybe I'm going through a tennis phase since I've been watching more tennis games than anything else recently... @__@ Granted, my favorite teams have been pretty bad in recent years... I used to love baseball but I can't even watch it anymore because the pace of the game is so slow and half the time, the guys are just standing around waiting for something to happen. >.< Are you good at tennis, brah? : O

    Hmm, the Cyrillic alphabet. I always forget that term. D: I guess if I ever decide to learn Russian, I would need to learn a new alphabet. :I Well, better master my Spanish or Mandarin first then. :<
    I see. Well, any round 1 matches for both genders you're really looking forward to? : O I'll try too catch the Murray, Ivanovic, Sharapova, and Djokovic matches if I can. But I do have one issue with tennis games. The time the matches start are always approximates. This is what I really like about football/soccer. The games always start on time and you know about when the game ends since the lengths are fixed. Do you shift your biological clock for the Olympics? I never have and I'm not sure I will in 2020. I won't have to next year since it's in Rio. : O

    Rugby looks rough from what I remember. Don't know the rules though. Uh... IDK. American football is painful though. There are way too many injuries... Playing a sport is a good way to work out though. : O I'm not great at ping pong so I would imagine actual tennis is way more difficult. :lmao

    Yeah, I'm not gonna pretend I understood all that. I do know about the -ov thing, I think. But don't they use a different alphabet? Wouldn't there be a lot of -ovs or whatever?
    Well, I rather like the times for Wimbledon and French Open since it's early in the day for me. What about those two for you? : O You live in Asia? Schneider makes me think you're Russian. : O I don't think I would wake up in the middle of the night for the Champions League Final and stuff if I lived in Asia. I don't even know if I would be willing to do that for the World Cup Final in 3 years. I didn't do it for the Olympic Gold Medal Basketball game in 2008. @__@

    Um, around 2008? I think the first tournament I watched was the French Open Ana Ivanovic won. Been a fan since. :hurr I don't play any sports tbph. I still like watching American football the most, I guess. It's really quick paced. I'm guessing you still like tennis the most for both? : O

    Not really. I think I'll catch more in the future though. The shorter men's games makes it go a lot faster. I did like watching the Toronto and Cinncy tournaments. :>
    I see. Well, I don't know too many players from before the 2000s (besides my man John McEnroe through popular culture :fuck). Anyways, I'll just have to take your word for it. : O The Aussie Open is a nightmare for me though since I live in America and the games would be in the middle of the night for me. I wonder if I'll even get to watch most of the 2018 World Cup games... @__@

    Andy Roddick. Good player but let's face it, his biggest achievement is Brooklyn Decker. :hurr But I guess the country doesn't matter too much to me. Not like a win for the player is a win for the country. I only care about a player's country when it comes to the Olympics because of the medal count. :nodistracted I should watch more of the smaller tournaments. Best of 5 sets can take a while... 0.0

    Well, too bad Bencic didn't get too far in the Cinncy Open. I was rooting for Ivanovic but then Serena happened. :( And Sharapova withdrew due to injury before the tournament even started. :<
    Real men never take back their words. I don't believe in jinxes. :fuck

    I don't completely get the chart. You'll have to forgive me but I'm not too familiar with most tennis players. : O Well, all I know is that aside from Serena Williams, there really haven't been any great American players in a long while. I'm a fan of Ana Ivanovic but it's tough being a fan of hers... @__@
    I don't believe in jinxes. Real men don't believe in jinxes. :skysun I still think the Joker will probably win. I know about Kyrgios being kinda out there these days but what about this Tomic guy? I'm not familiar with him. : O
    And here I was thinking Nadal was gonna be a serious contender this year :fuck

    Christ if I could see the future of these events I woulda been a millionaire if I betted on Nadal losing at Wimbledon :lmao
    New rock band with old school flair, and two great albums. Have you tried them?
    Nah, made a dupe, posted 'cause I was bored. Some moron had made a thread about whether comics or manga were better and said that comics were terrible and manga was great!!1! So I politely asked him how many and which comics he'd read. Also said To Love-Ru was terrible, and random shit, nothing infract worthy.

    Sadly my proxy somehow timed out while I was out of the house and I guess someone noticed my IP, so there lol.

    Just search for posts of the member Spider Jerusalem.
    You get PMs every now and then when people pimp stuff, albums they want you to hear, which are usually quite great. The Incident was pimped a while back, so I wondered.
    Well, it's pretty big, I'd think it would :p

    Yeah, probably. If there's no "disc 1" and "disc 2" file and it's this big, I figure it's all in there.
    did you ever see the theories on how stairway to heaven worked in the OBD/GER vs StH thread?
    I wouldn't call myself a prog whore (lol) but I'm a big fan of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Between the Buried and Me, maudlin of the Well, etc.

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