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Recent content by sanninme rikudo

  1. sanninme rikudo

    When Do You Believe that Bleach Began to Decline?

    TYBW arc. Specifically the point where you could tell the writing had blatantly declined and had gotten far too discrepant and rushed.
  2. sanninme rikudo

    How do you view One Piece as a whole at this point?

    Would you also consider Naruto one of the great Shounens?
  3. sanninme rikudo

    Prime Rayleigh vs Kaido

    Except your belief is predicated on the assumption that the list of people Kaido was referring to represents people that can fight on par with him, when it could very well be people that are capable of outright bodying him. It could even be both. Attempting to use that as evidence of every...
  4. sanninme rikudo

    Prime Rayleigh vs Kaido

    What the hell type of comparison is that? Obviously he has done better than Shanks in the feats department because Shanks is essentially featless. Kaido’s feats are going to look unparalleled because he has next to zero competition, considering the vast majority of top tiers are either featless...
  5. sanninme rikudo

    Roger and Primebeard vs Shanks, Mihawk and Oden

    Oden gets one-shotted as canon. Then it becomes Shanks and Mihawk vs Rodger and Primebeard and the latter duo should take the win.
  6. sanninme rikudo

    Will Oda ruin Blackbeard?

    Oda’s hatred fo predictability is what’s gonna finish him in the long run.
  7. sanninme rikudo

    MS/Teen Madara replaces Pain...

    Nothing to suggest that Teen MS Madara possessed the same speed his Rinne Tensei counterpart had. We’re not even sure how developed his Susanoo was as a teen with only MS. Dude more than likely didn’t even have a legged Susanoo.
  8. sanninme rikudo

    2RG SM Madara vs Juubito

    I don’t know when this DRSM Madara >> Juubito thing started, but Juubito would rush Madara.
  9. sanninme rikudo

    Are you enjoying this arc more than whole cake island.

    WCI was decent initially, but it was straight garbage later on, damn near unreadable. Wano is lackluster, considering all the hype it was getting, and it’s dragging. Flashbacks were the only thing that saved Wano imo.
  10. sanninme rikudo

    Everything But the Rain vs Turn Back the Pendulum

    Turn back the pendulum was actually my favorite arc. It just had this eerie suspenseful feel to it. EBTR was definitely top tier as well tho.
  11. sanninme rikudo

    How strong was Shanks when Teach scarred him?

    This. Blackbeard scarring Shanks was more than likely thrown in there primarily for literary purposes like foreshadowing. I doubt he gave it much thought.
  12. sanninme rikudo

    How strong is Almighty Yhwach?

    He one-shotted Ichibei with the stroke of a hand. That’s a feat that places him above everyone who isn’t the EOS Top 3.
  13. sanninme rikudo

    How strong is Oetsu?

    He wasn’t below base Askin. The only reason Oetsu even got caught up with Askin is because of how Askin was positioned. He was last in line and behind all the other elites which allowed him enough time to activate The DeathDealing, but evidently not enough time to physically defend himself. Had...
  14. sanninme rikudo

    MS obito vs SM kabuto

    Obito takes it. He’ll phase through everything and eventually go in for the kill.
  15. sanninme rikudo

    BoS Sasuke vs Kisame?

    Lol Funniest shit I’ve seen all day.
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