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  • I know right? Facebook as your online passport, Instagram your hip-n-trendy photog gallery and Twitter for your thought journal/diarrhea. I'm glad I'm not involved in any of the he-said-what-omg-so-on-fleek social hullaballoo. My private life remains private and everyone I need is a phone call away, just the way I like it.

    Aww nothing of such at the moment but you know I'd spill the beans, if I had some. Been single for two+ years already to work on me. It's been great and I'm in no rush; my family is already scheduling two weddings all in a year's time - our bank account needs a break! XD

    Have you gone travelling since we last spoke?
    Haha crossing things off my bucket list happened when a fellow NF member (inactive) came to visit and we did some local touristy things. Real life is still delaying me but I'm loving being offline; I'm screwing over social media, to boot. I am off the grid. Woohoo!

    That seems like an intriguing dynamic. I'm happy that you guys are getting into this deeper and deeper. You're always the gentleman, even through mitigating conflict wherever it could happen. Huge brownie points for you there. It also seems like you're the "best fit" person to explore her feelings with her, and I hope you both grow together emotionally from this (you already have a solid base). Congratulations, all in all! Hope things go upwards from here :skysun
    Good, good, just trying to finish studying this year and doing a bit of Youtube videos these days. Looking into getting to B&B's with family business. Romance moving much too slowly on my end :(
    Hey there! sorry for the late reply - real life taking its toll on me for the past week.

    Happy that things are working out for you :amuse last we spoke, you were a bit hesitant in such progress so I'm glad the right person came along to nurture that side of you.

    Psychology! How exciting. Hurrah for self-development.

    I always think it's favorable that a guy loves a girl more, since most men find it more difficult to express/harbour those feelings whereas girls are more freely giving in that area. Not saying that it should be like that for every relationship (too much ego-stroking for the girl) but for most people's learning curve, it is better that the relationship turns out that way.

    Well I'm glad that you're learning a thing or two about social political correctness: +5 life skills!
    Yes. Yes. I'm absolutely sure you know what I mean anyway :laugh

    "Still with Jaded Heart"? Actually that's news to me, so details please! :amuse And what classes are you taking? Work-related or just because? also yay for personal growth *throws confetti around* tell me moar


    Aww I wanna say that I've turned my life 360 and have found my PURPOSE IN LIFE but nah I'm just me + cooking a bit more these days hehe. Crossed some things off the bucket list so in an honest scale of vanilla to juicy: i'm more the former :amuse and how about you?
    Good, good :hug Was just passing through and thought I'd pop by and send my regards

    How are you? Still running through the NF forest, I see. As long as you're still there to save us from chemical spills :skysun

    You can stick to Rahsia in the forums and keep the other to ourselves :amuse
    I hope you can see each other soon. Yeah, I'd definitely say seeing each other more would help !
    The relationship with my partner is nice, because we mainly see each other on the weekend, so we get plenty of space.

    I didn't know that much about those games :faint
    I played Melee a little, with my first boyfriend, but that was pretty much all he did in his spare time. so... he was absurdly good. I kind of rage quit.

    Everything is good, I think. I hope to do really well this quarter in school.
    Speaking of which, i'm off to do some homework now
    Have a jolly day and stuff~ :iria
    Woohoo! Yeah, school started back up for me a couple weeks ago.
    Lol, i have a friend who is very excited about the new smash brothers.
    How is... Everything else? :hmm

    I've been good. Cant complain i guess. My daughter is turning 1 on Sunday; thats the biggest deal i can think of lol.
    Anything new?
    Hopefully for you, I have no song to give you: when I sing, it starts to rain! :lmao
    Now, I sure can take requests, it just depends on their purpose (by exemple, if you ask me to put a pineapple in my ass I'd answer you to do it first :wink ).

    (And of course, requests must be rare. I mean, not a request a day... Some pple are really clumsy with requests :notrust )
    It depends what kind of requests.... :maybe

    "When it comes to photography, that is" >> Didn't get this part :huh
    Who knows, indeed... :maybe

    (So, it's versatile after all... Thank you for teaching me a new word! :thumbs)
    Well, polyvalent works in french for sofas... It means multi purpose (I saw also "versatile", but in french it only works with ppl, not for things).

    About GRIMM: who knows... :hurr
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