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  • Yup, it's Alfonso from Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, a series that's currently airing and one of the best this season :33
    Hentai in general.Steins;Gate/TasogarexAmnesia crossover,Touhou,Fate/Stay but also originals.Style can clearly be seen when one girl is somewhat looking like sawyer.I pm you a link.

    Was there any a reason given as to why it ain't updated?
    I See.

    By the way I'm on episode 3 of Sankarea. It's an interesting story but I'm not too fond of the characters. Still going to continue watching it. I also watched the first episode of 'My little sis can be this kyoote', and it was alright as well. I don't know how it's going to keep me interested though. Like is there a real plot / story to that one?
    Sorry, had internet problems last night.

    well, it has an incestious undertone, but it's more about him learning about the otaku culture through his sister. He meets new people etc. He is, just like most MC's dense from time to time and even a wuss but it's amusing.
    I actually did see this airing in Korea. So I'll give it a look. It seems really different compared to other animes I've come across.
    By the way is that i*c*st anime 'my little sis can't be this kyoote' a good one? Anything similar to usagi no drop or sakamichi no appolon?
    any animes you can recommend me then :<
    The animes I've watched and enjoyed so far (and currently enjoying now) are Usagi drop, Samurai Champloo, Michiko to hatchin, Cowboy bebop, etc...
    ... please :( No, I don't really want to watch it then. I don't want to get invested in something that is so intangible and unreal ... compared to the modern world. :( I don't want to be otakuish or fall for schemes anime production companies use to get their viewers on things that don't exist in the real world in real real life relationships :(... so yeah
    I like animes that are more reality-based (with few exception of supernatural). But slice-of-life and more dialogue / character-development is preferred. Since it involves zombies I'm not too sure. There has to be emotional realism (and I know it's anime, but something i can personally identify with within the character and the story).
    So in speaking genre maybe slice-of-life... or something ^^
    Suwano is the key here. Clearly the writer persisting with her suggests to me she might be the reason they'll break up (I hope.) :maybe

    Lets hope she give him a real kiss and Urabe gets jelly and ends up practicing with Oka-san. :hurr
    Why does Mysterious Girlfriend X have to be so slow? I've seen glaciers move faster than their relationship! :argh :maybe
    Dont wanna know about that shit... heard about it in 4chan and I am sure enough it's sick and brutal. Horrible... :argh

    Just stay away from this shit as much as you can, don't become a monster. Slaneesh will twist your mind.
    did a brief research... you should do it too. Some sick twisted shit that will only drop you to a corner of despair and mind mutation.
    If I where you, I would investigate and then stay the fcking away from it. uuughh *shudders*
    Lol, I didn't know there was a Sacred Blacksmith fan here. I posted the link of all the chapters including the current one on the page, though I do expect it to be moved into the "Where to find" subforum.
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