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  • I'm replying here so as not to get the Retsuden thread out of topic.

    Gaiden already was animated. I think between episodes 19 - 23

    Ignoring Shoujo Scenes, i think the Last pretty OOC, especially Naruto and Hinata's character .
    Hinata risked her life to save Naruto and said with all words:
    "I love You"

    Neji's death and the Hand Holding scene is Naruto finally acknowledging Hinata, like SasuSaku forehead poke .

    But come the Last and Hinata is the same shy girl, Naruto is still ignoring Hinata with some ridiculous excuse:
    "I Thought you loved me, like i love Ramen"

    Pierrot pratically ignored NH manga story and make their own NH's version with the Last
    Honestly Naruto inst that stupid...

    Oh I understand your point now. I wouldn't call that OOC tho, but yes, they did regress the characters and acted as if they had to write this movie without acknowledging Shippuden. Like WTF?
    Tbh, I was accused of NOT being a true Sakura fan for NO LONGER shipping SS, so there you go. You are right. But SS is the ship for twi-tards. Kishi is not above writing that kind of ship in.
    I agree buddy. What's even worse is that NaruSaku has no dedication to any of those sideships whatsoever. They're just used to free up the Naruto and Sakura.
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