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  • I see...but having an advisor post in there may make the thread look less pathetic than it's. xD ~虛榮

    Back to Sekai no Chuushin, it made me bawwwwwl. T_T
    Agree with Naruko that you need to be more active. :p

    But in a way I also feel happy for you because being too occupied for NF means you're living a fuller life than I am. Whatever you're doing, I hope you're having a good time doing it.

    PS: check out Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu if you have extra time. //損友
    Omg, we were just talking about you tonight (good stuff, like you need to post more) - be well !

    Am I getting dumb? I blame NF.

    Have you seen a japanese movie called 燕尾蝶?
    Not even in chinatown? Hmm... I didn't know there were markets over there. What are they like? I thought most americans buy their meat, fish (do they even eat fish?) and veggies from Walmart. D:

    Yes, I'm considering it.
    I want to ask a silly question: Is there any night markets in United States? I have never seen one in the american movies.
    Well, had time on my hands and thought I'd do some vaguely useful until the time came that I didn't have as much free time. All the awesomeness in Shounen seems to be emanating from One Piece, only. Naruto is good sometimes but lacks consistency. Bleach is Bleh.

    How 'bout you come back or something? You weren't half bad.
    Something random I happened to read the other day:

    Have you heard of Milgram's Experiment and Stanford Prison Experiment.

    Those are some pretty interesting social psychology experiments and although inconclusive and still open to interpretations, their results are quite disturbing.
    I think it has to do with the queerness of infinity (which is usually the source of most things that seem counter-intuitive in mathematics)

    How many possible chords (a mathematical 1-D line with 0 thickness) can you draw in a circle? Infinity.

    How many of those chords are entirely inside the area between the 2 circles and do not intersect the smaller circle at all (hence shorter than 1)? Also infinity.

    By using the area approach, we obtain that the first number is supposed to be four times as many as the second one because the area of full circle is of course greater than only part of it. But in fact, despite the area being smaller, the number of possible chords we can draw in the area between the 2 circles is still infinity. Can we say one infinity is 4 times greater than another infinity? We can't. But the area method does seem intuitive and logical on the surface, which is why we use it, I guess. As for whether the answer it gives is correct, my opinion is there is no one absolutely correct answer to this question. It all depends on which method you prefer.

    Same goes for the length method.
    Who didnt sound weird back in 06 ? Been a while really.

    Am good. Everytime I check NF and want to find you guys, I just check your profiles. Stalker become I =[
    You know what a locus is right? (not the genetic locus, mathematical one. :p)

    The locus of any chords shorter than the radius 1 is actually the area between the r=1 circle and a smaller concentric circle inside it. You just need to find the radius of that smaller circle and you will be able to find that area.
    Not doing stock trading. My heart can't take it.

    I'm leading a stagnant life right now. Whatever that means.
    Happy Chinese New Year.

    Wish your purse gain some weight, but not your belly.
    It's a documentary actually. It's about dolphin-killing in Japan. You will understand why I recommend it once you see it yourself.

    /adults talk
    I give you 3 options:

    1. Go see The Cove
    2. Slap the first Japanese you see in face as hard you can.
    3. Forget 1 & 2 and carry on with your everyday life with an "I don't give a damn about dolphins dying" attitude.
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