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  • In Hong Kong, I am Michael Jackson and you are Toto.
    You made me think he was back
    i wonder if u still post C:
    i sure as hell dont
    havent even checked out the nice guy pose FC
    checked the orochimaru FC, it went to hell lol
    LMAO. are u okay? that's like me asking when you got rid of "KillerFan" it was so long ago! I wanna say around 2007-2008 (Early 2009 the latest)
    If you want a good laugh....then you're probably better off finding something that's meant to be comical as opposed to the gaiden.

    Hating the new year so far but that's nothing less than what i expected. how bout you?
    Lawl. Yes I do. It's more terrible than the main series if you could believe it.
    Pretty lame, man. I've been swimming in cesspools for too long. :geg

    How do you feel? : O
    Thank you, KillerFan! :heart

    Happy thanksgiving a few weeks in advance to you too!
    Who cares, man? Murray is my favorite male tennis player. Favorite female tennis player is Ana Ivanovic followed closely by Maria Sharapova. :>

    Roddick's greatest accomplishment is Brooklyn Decker. :lmao
    Is the army just like Full Metal Jacket? : O

    Dude, let's root for Andy Murray. :>

    Hey man, I don't like mobile only stuff. Installing stuff is uncool to me. It took me a while to find a version of Monopoly online but I use that one all the time now! :ippy

    And this is not trolling. This is just the way I am! I'm practically an android if it weren't for my sense of humor. :>
    Is there no online version? Is it mobile only? I don't like installing things. :mad
    I don't think you're getting the point. I mean... you can't just do it on the website itself? You actually have to install something? I don't really like installing things if I don't have to. @__@

    Banned? Unbanned? Chicken? Egg? Does any of that matter? :noworries

    Where is that stars line from? I know I've heard it many times before. :lmao You can probably find it on Youtube. :>
    Yeah, you don't need to worry about that. I'm just fighting the power. :catdance
    All you have to worry about is how to love me like you do! :kloff
    I can't find you online. Is this something you have to install? I mean, can you do this without installing anything?
    As in... the information I gave you is unsupported. It was Wikipedia only. I shoulda guessed. :< But... it didn't make sense to me why someone would just edit the Wikipedia page without being sure of it... Anyways, I figured it was unlikely. I mean... how many people actually know what Shurato is?
    I don't understand what that has to do with being sad that you were so young when you joined :hmpf and yeah, the only reason to hang around here is the company I guess.
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