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  • I share your anger about this open borders nonsense, but please don't reference to entire ethnic groups as "the scum of the Earth."
    Well, I'm sure glad that using the term "infestation" to describe an entire ethnic group falls into the box of acceptable behavior, since you saw fit not to edit it. :zaru
    First real instance of shadow actually trying to suppress something and it was about Tibet no less. Kind of ironic when you consider how the Chinese government reacts to the matter.
    My contempt for him has effectively doubled ever since he became a mod-a development which I'm still struggling to comprehend.
    Thinking of giving the Overwatch beta a shot

    Recommendations on a good character for beginners?
    Soldier 76. They even make you play as him during the tutorial.

    If you've played any FPS before, you've played this with guy. But he's amazingly well-rounded and dangerous in the right hands.
    Managed to sneak in a couple hours last night.

    Been using a combination '76 and Tracer for offense while sorting to Winston for defense of if the team needs a tank. Probably going to experiment with Reinhardt some more when given the chance.
    It's just...gotten so old now. I don't think the EU will learn its lesson even worse on top of that. How many times do we have to get burned before the message is received?
    This whole Syrian migrant crisis is bringing out the worst in everyone. Honestly, there just seems to be extremes and no middle ground. Of course it is OK to take in migrants in a limited number over an extended duration of time, but now with Germany doing its grandstanding it is like all of the EU at least is trying to one-up them. Which is disastrous IMO.
    A few days ago. He really needs to stay off these forums, but he seems to want to learn the hard way sometimes.
    Eh. Not really, it's mainly white, left-minded folks ironically enough. Although there is a genuine desire to break from the usual stereotypes for all minorities. Some places you have to remember really are run by older individuals with old-fashioned, antiquated ways of thinking on the dynamics of race and even sex in this country. Yet I think for more recent forms of media that has not been an enormously pressing issue as it used to be. Such as with video games for example. Even without the prompting of zealous social justice warriors, diversity has already taken a foothold in fictional content, and without that forced, pandering feeling something like Marvel comics today have.

    Plenty call for more Asian leads, they are the least represented in spite of fame like those of Jackie Chan or Jet Li or Chow Yun-Fat. Many movies that were supposed to have Asian leads were often replaced by white actors. There was an entire row over it especially with The Last Airbender years back. Black actors and Latino actors in contrast have made strides in the action movie department at least, and even the romantic movies department; but it is still overwhelmingly white since 2/3 of the country is white that is to be expected.

    Hmm...Native Americans live in horrific conditions on reservations, if people are willing to lend an ear, they will know about the dilapidated conditions on these reservations; it's a matter of "out of sight, out of mind". They live in far-off places from the rest of society so it is hard for it to be immediately part of that social conscience. I think you're neglecting that with the United States in particular, the worst of racial discrimination has been more consistently targeting blacks in its society. As the mentality that has long pervaded many societies was that the darker one's skin the lower on the social ladder they were. Naturally with the concept of race this extended to darker-skinned individuals. Old mentalities die hard, and like a virus they can even mutate and adapt to the changing times. So while you don't have that old-timey, savage type of racism, you do have racism still. Just more with formal wear than robes and hoods. I'd say many racists today probably feel more comfortable slyly injecting their racist attitudes in society and not just against blacks, against Arabs and Latinos as well. There's plenty of discussion on representation of the latter two considering the current international situation, and Latinos setting to be the largest demographic in the country. Yet the matter of race has been more consistently an issue pertaining to blacks in society historically in the U.S., and so naturally there's more to discuss on that.
    I like Maher's show, and on a lot of things I agree with him but he really needs to stop ranting about vaccines and letting anti-vaccination crazies on it. It makes him look ignorant, which is ironic for one who claims to value reason and scientific fact above kneejerk emotional reactions and gut feelings.
    The worst part about Bibi, aside from the fact it's increasingly difficult to stand by Israel as an ally without coming off as an enabler, is that now SoG is taking every chance to say "Looks I was right" to the point of mugging even if he's still full of shit in everything else.
    Don't know if you followed Israeli politics, but it looks like "Fuck Israel, let them burn" is going to get very popular after what Bibi did to win re-election.
    I didn't know any SJWs were really on this board.

    Oh yeah, that guy. He accused me of being a self-loathing racist hilariously enough.
    From what I can tell, the Greek government can only borrow for a few more months since their refusing the latest bailout loan. If they can't get a deal in place, either they default or exit the Eurozone and print a shitload of Drachmas. Since the former would result in the Euro going up in smoke, I don't think the EU would shed any tears if Greece just backs out and spares them the collective migraine.

    Personally, I sympathize with the Greeks plight and wanting a break from austerity. But Syriza apparently has no clue about negotiation other than "You're being mean!"
    The assumption I get is that Merkel doesn't want to consider debt relief because that would mean Spain and Portugal going to Brussels demanding "Us Too!", plus the whole German exports is reliant on the current EU economic structure thing.

    The best I can see the Greeks getting are some fairly modest concessions with slight debt relief one year and then the next. Tsipras right now seems to suggest that isn't enough and is trying to bring up the WW2 reparations issue as gotcha points. And he can't be seen as backing down lest his coalition falls apart and were back to square one.

    I dunno, personally I really think we're looking at Grexit.
    Question, how do you foresee the whole Greece/EU thing panning out and what are the implications for Bulgaria?
    Another Islamic terrorist attack in Europe...really, you guys should be the paranoid ones. Especially in your neck of the woods? You're a lot closer to the shitstorm in the Islamic world.
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