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  • Was mostly talking not doing it in "feet" and "inches" too, but that works too

    2.55 feet = 0.777 meters

    6.6 feet = 2.012 meters

    You didn't post a volume, and I don't have an image to see which dimension is which.

    I treated it like PI(0.777/2)^2*(2.012) = 0.954 m^3

    I come out with a mass of 2,575 kg though

    Mass I got was similar enough to your conversion for the larger one though

    Got a similar energy and speed as you off your assumed parameters too.

    So the math itself looks fine with a quick glance I suppose

    Don't know about the logic of the fists being made of shit like granite, but that's something for people familiar with the series to discuss
    This is incredibly lazy of me, but could you possibly convert this to metric?

    Granted, that would take me seconds to do, but I'm just here to check your math, not do it for you :hmm
    Alright, will take a look at this in the next couple of days then :hmm

    Would now, just don't feel like it with the migraine I have
    Well, my time for calcs is limited these days, so I tend to just do the ones that I really want to do, or ones that just come very easily.

    It was unexploded and still did that right? I'm not even sure how it'd convert to strength TBH. :hmm
    As much as a planet? Hardly from the after effects we saw. Assuming it was the cause of the ki having mass, I'd presume no more than trillions of tons honestly.

    I don't know if that's even a high or low ball.

    I'll get around to it eventuallyish though.
    Not sure how to argue all that being raw mass honestly.

    Not like we don't have waves of ambient energy rolling off attacks in different fictions doing similar shit and not be due to mass.

    Might get to it eventually though.
    Nah, won't do much good.

    The rock formations in general were kind of small, so you won't see much above what we've already seen from that.
    It hasn't been calced, mostly because it'd probably end up underwhelming compared to the war feats, thus not much incentive.

    That, and the timeframe would need to be assumed, thus probably low balling it anyway.
    Eyeballing it it looks like high multi block/town level, but I'm not going to do it, sorry. You could ask someone else.
    Hello Orion , You likely don't know me but may i ask you a question ? How do you convert tons of tnt to tons of strength ?

    Hope i'm not bothering you and sorry if i'm . =)
    Hey, OrionDog, I have a suggestion for some calcs.

    Could you do energy calcs for Six armed Vajra Asura (At strongest when Figthing Deus and Gohma Vlitra), and Mantra Asura's punching power, size Calcs for Sakra Devanam Indra Deus (Or the Complete Karma fortress with legs, plus the halo) Asura the Destructor, and Chakravartin's giant vessel form (Since most people aren't sure if the galaxiies are real or not)?

    Plus, how much energy would Asura the destructor (Or six armed Mantra Asura, who despite being a human sized version should be just as powerful if not more so would have in a single punch as well as how powerful the combined force of all six arms would be in his giant planet form?
    No problem. And also, the reason the number came out lower than you were thinking of is because the acceleration is lower. The acceleration is lower because his arms were a lot longer than Luffy's, and therefore had more time to accelerate since there was more distance.
    Instead of PM, I'll just post it here since I don't need to do scaling or anything. :zaru

    Okay, so a distance thrown of 30 Km, at a low-end angle of 45 degrees (Gets lowest results) gives us an initial velocity of 542.218 m/s. With this we can find an acceleration, but first we need the length of his arm.

    An average man typically has a height of 1.80 m, and an arm length of .8 m.

    1.80 / .8 = 2.25... if the cyclops is 91.44 m (300 feet) tall, then: 91.44 / 2.25 = 40.64 m, the length of his arm. If we assume he threw the rock in the way a baseball pitcher would (Makes it more low-end), he would have moved his arm a total of about 128 m

    a = (v^2) / (2 * d)

    542.218^2 / 2 * 128 = 1,148.439 m/s^2 the acceleration.

    Next we need mass. 701.04 m circumference = 223.261 m, the diameter.

    Height = 70.104 m.

    Since it's dome shaped, I used this calculator and got a volume of 1,552,630.81 m^3

    The density of rock is 2,700 Kg/m^3, so...

    1,552,630.81 * 2,700 = 4,192,103,187 Kg, the mass of the rock.

    F = ma

    4,192,103,187 * 1,148.439 = 4,814,374,791,975.093 N, or 491,262,733.875 tons-force.

    Quite impressive, though like I said, it's a bit rough due to the assumptions we had to make. Still gives you some idea of how strong he was.
    Sure, it'll be very rough though since we don't see how it actually happened. I'll Pm it to you soon.
    Hm, how big was the cyclops? I need some idea because his arm length will effect the results. Also, any specifics on how it was thrown? Like one handed etc?
    Yeah, I can. Thanks for bringing that up actually. Bui was doing that without the use of any Youki, so even though it's nothing next to Toguro's showings, I might as well.... just after finals are over. :zaru
    It's possible to figure out the force behind the punch, but after finding out some things, I stopped looking into the shockwave calculation.

    I can say that the force behind his punch is much, much more than his shockwave. Think of how the shockwave from a jet can sometimes break glass. But the actual jet crashing into something? that could do much more than just break glass (Not including the ensuing explosion of course)
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