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  • I don't smoke but seing your current avi now makes me not wanna touch a cig ever.
    Ps: Konichiwa
    I dont smoke either man.
    Dudet, and it's aight, just sad my brother and father grew addicted to it.
    Ps: Don't underage smoke kiddos.
    In case you're still interested, i've seen the viz of Roger's statement concerning Garp and it doesn't say anything about almost killing each other. He only said that they fought multiple times and that they are like comrades now because of that: http://i.imgur.com/VYGQ3pI.png
    There can be a stronger one even in balanced fights, like for example if it was said that Vista's swordsmanship is good enough to fight Mihawk. In this case, it would imply a balanced fight with superiority of Mihawk, but i don't read it to be the case here. To me, a not balanced fight means one cannot hold his ground against another. Mihawk respected East Blue Zoro too, eventhough he was totally outmatched, so to me it's up in the air and up to anyone's interpretation until we get clearer clarifications in the manga

    Not that i perfectly trust databooks anyway since they also claim Marco can fight evenly with all admirals :p
    Just for clarifications, like i've said in the other thread, i don't know if it is a mistranslation since i never read the english version, but in the french version that i scanned, this is what it says: http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=9267291426230695image2.jpg
    Google translate the red part and you'd see it will say something like

    "Although the fight is uneven/ not balanced"

    Here is the translation link: https://translate.google.com/?hl=de#fr/en/Bien%20que%20le%20combat%20ne%20soit%20pas%20%C3%A9quilibr%C3%A9

    For the entire sentence it's like "Although the fight is not balanced, Vista doesn't hesitate to fight Mihawk"

    Somewhere in Vista's databook, it does say though that his swordsmanship is great enough to be respected by even Mihawk. Maybe it's where the ambiguosity comes from(assuming the guy didn't messed up things). Maybe if someone had the raw text of the original databook, it could help though
    Eh, when I put my mind to something I can catch up pretty quickly. :nonon

    I'm currently on chapter 115. I still prefer Ouki. :maybe
    Oh yeah now you mention it.

    Yep it was when there was a two or three week break and we were all discussing our One Piece withdrawal symptoms. :(
    Blimey, you have a mightily impressive memory if that's the case. :psyduck

    The only place where I know I've definitely told people where I lived is on the Urouge FC.
    Couldn't help but lurk on your VM with Tea. You're living in England then right now? As a fellow Englander, could I inquire what part?
    Kemo Sabe, I stopped taking AK seriously in WB Commander threads ages ago, otherwise I'd have gone mad.
    Btw, if I may ask, what country are you from? I saw you using a different language.
    Maybe both? I wouldn't be surprised if Ouki met him on one of his travels (if he went outside of China) and brought him back.
    They are similar, but I don't think they're a complete carbon copy. Naruto for one was way better than HxH's main character, at least until Kishi ruined him.
    Lol, I meant that jokingly, there's this one character in AGK who I think is the best babe in manga, especially after this one fight of hers.
    I want to know where Tou comes from, it seems that he'd look more at home in France or Spain rather than Ancient China.
    HxH is where Naruto drew a lot of inspiration from, you can tell the Hunter Exams were the origin of the Chunin Exams.
    Akame ga Kiru would be easier to catch up on, it's a monthly series, but whichever you choose first. Main reason I love it is because of my waifu.
    I know, I had no idea what was going to happen. From the moment the invasion started, anyone was fair game. But that idiot had to push Moubu's fatherly instincts. Bad move. :maybe What do you think of Kanki and Tou? Those are two of my other favorite commanders/generals.
    Ouki...I hadn't felt such a painful death since Whitebeard, he was SO close to winning. Ouki remains my favorite character in Kingdom, he was a total boss.
    I haven't really read Toriko since I started the first few chapters. Just feels a bit too weird for me. I forget, do you read Akame ga Kiru? It's getting a show soon, I'm really excited about it.
    Hey man senior members now have 150x200 avatar rights, so I found your avatar stock and resized it, also added a pixel black border. :33

    If you do continue to have problems, let Dream or SH4L know about it.
    Shin gets a bit better, though he can't hold a candle to his partner. And Ouki, man, you are going to LOVE this guy, he is a total badass.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, you have a good list yourself.
    Btw, we're allowed bigger avas now, 150x200. :maybe
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