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  • Clarke believes in second chances though... and I think she also would be able to understand why Lexa made that choice more than anyone else could. Forgiveness wouldn't come easy, but it's more than possible. The main problem I see with clexa is that as they're both leaders, I can't imagine how they'd get past the, "my people come first" thing. There could perhaps be an alliance, but idk.

    I doubt Clarke wants to kill Lexa. I thinks she's upset as fuck, but couldn't bring herself to actually do that. Since like I said before, I think Clarke understands why Lexa did what she did. It might make her even angrier that she understands though :0. Cause damn what a bitchslap that betrayal was. Lexa was already planning a romantic stroll with her in Polis. Lexa will die in a beautiful tragic way. There will be glowing butterflies resting on flowers and stars shooting across the sky. Clarke will hold Lexa's bleeding form in her arms and whisper through tears, "I need your spirit to stay where it is." Lexa will smile gently up at her, weakly squeezing the Clarkes hand which lay softly in hers..."Clarke...I lo-" KABOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! *nuclear bombs rain from the sky and they all die* What of season 4?? Well turns out Clarke is an indestructible robot who can fly. Her mission: locate oil on pluto. That's how I imagine things going anyways. As you said, no body can truly be happy on Earth (∪ ◡ ∪).
    I feel like...the whole planet is just gonna blow up again. Probably do to Jaha being a fuckup.

    Well AMC worked scheduled it so that she could be on the spinoff and the 100. So I don't think scheduling is the issue. I think the issue is Jason Rothenberg likes destroying the hearts of his fans by killing people :33. If Lexa doesn't die though, I still feel like something's gonna happen where we're not entirely sure what happens to her...
    Then we'll be left with a 2 year hiatus or something unreasonable like that ( ‾ʖ̫‾).

    I just want to see her and Clarke smiling...like these young kids been through too much...and it'll only get worse.
    HOW FUCKING DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME!!?!?! As much as I love Lexa though...I will totally not be surprised if she dies a horrible, tragic...death (  ゚,_ゝ゚). I've spent months mentally preparing myself...
    I made another retarded post so you can neg me properly. Don't click so fast. Even I was offended you repped that post.
    Honestly, while watching it, I realized how horrible of a person I was and that identified with the main character so much, it was like well shit.
    I didn't even know I was once on there :catsad

    Is your avatar meant to be a humanoid Cthulhu or something btw?
    but you could tell that it was Crono and Frog :LOS

    seriously though, I wish there was a way I could get more of them in the avatar, but the 150x200 limit is too constraining :{
    I am not familiar with Lovecraft, but I do own a volume that contains his complete works, so I hope to read it at some point, so I can see why he is so famous.
    Since nobody answered you, my previous ava was from Paranoia Agent. It's one of those offbeat psychological series.

    My memory's a bit fuzzy on it though since I watched it ages ago on Adult Swim. lol
    If someone is acting like a ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".) and shitposting, I'm gonna call it what it is. As per usual, the shitposter responded with 'umad' shit and images, and his friends backed him up by doing the same shit. That shit is fucking cancerous
    I never acted like I was angry, your interpretation that I was is false.

    Not like repeating a version of 'u mad u mad u mad' this day an age would do anything but temper my resolve to point out how much of a shitposting ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".) this Lucaniel dude is.
    Thanks but no thanks, the image and knowing that it is indeed a real thing is enough knowledge for me!
    What I'm saying is, their production levels rose a lot during the USSR era. But it was heavy industry, so did the average person really benefit from it? Maybe not, that's what happens with central planning. I do not know much about the history of the USSR and Eastern Europe I have to admit. So yes, I am trying "2 learn" history. Are you from around there by any chance?
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