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  • occcccccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I just would like to echo what occa said about revisiting this place. also what she said about nigggs. I used to have him and many others on MSN but wouldn't know the first thing about how to get in contact with any of them now. cont'd...
    I was always terrible at keeping in touch. And every time I disappear and come back, I'm stuck wondering whose names have changed, and whose have stayed the same. But it's not as simple as catching up with the name changes; because much more than that has happened-- the new names actually belong to fresh, new faces. cont'd...
    And only a select few of them I still recognize. RIP to Gooba. Wasn't someone I knew well but the name was everywhere I was. Btw, Hi, occa; Hi, Rez.
    Hey Mel, Naruto is finally over...our boy Sasuke made it! lol
    It's been real Mel, I wish you all the best in this life, and may you continue to have blessings in abundance.

    Peace out homie!
    OU, if you see this someday, I just wanted to let you know, I really appreciated all the shit you did for me my first month or two on the forums. Did you know I met my wife here? She's fucking pregnant now! Isn't that some crazy shit?
    you may not know me, but i am more than just an acquaintance to your laundry bin
    I suppose for someone who, last I checked, hated drama (that she was involved in) there wouldn't be anything interesting.
    For god's sake what are you still doing here

    What am I still doing here

    Oh yeah hitting up Sai about multiplayer gaming and somehow getting sucked into drama :(
    Sorry, dahling, we rearranged the house when you were away - I will make sure you're hooked up <3 Good to see you again! :hug
    Hehehehehe...sorry, it's not fully functioning atm. It should be an animated gif. Taxman made me an animated gif from Futurama that I wore as an avy and when I retired it, I put it up as a profile pic. Mostly because so many guys that happily wear T&A sets and spam T&A pics all the time were outraged at the old flesh. This is a clip of the episode it was from:


    Actually a pretty funny episode (everyone got a gender switch for a bit).

    Hope you're gearing up for a fun holiday :hug
    whoah, it's occa. the golden age of occa + knk. im sorry if that's a bad memory or anything like that. life on the internet 6 years ago.
    I'm actually up to date on Bleach...probably because it doesn't take that long to read it rofl. Kubo is bad with plot yeah but so far Kishi has been barely better. I can tell at various points it felt like he either threw something in there for the hell of it or someone like his editor forced him to include something. While its true the war has all of these characters I don't care about, I'll give him credit for actually showing the people he has hinted about or vaguely talked about and not leaving any lose ends on that front. Still won't make me pick the series up any time soon lol. With Bleach, I honestly don't care about the fullbringers and just want the current arc to end so we can move on to something else.

    Oh lord Claymore. Another manga with a time-skip that trolled the hell out of me. I haven't read that series in probably a year or so either. I've been very upset with a lot of my older shounen manga atm so I've mostly been focusing on the newer ones when I do find time to read lol.
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