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  • really want to know what i put in the BH, i should warn'll blow your mind...argh
    Bloomers Save the World was a really interesting one. It had a lot of comedy, but it was also pretty sweet.

    Tell me about it! They could at least upload decently drawn NTR doujin, like the stuff Nagare Ippon does. It's all just rubbish what they're uploading now. Massive tumor tits, and horribly drawn characters/anatomy. It's awful to even look at.

    And yeah, I think panels are okay as long as they don't display really questionable content (text aside, as that should be fine). So yeah, probably bodily fluids everywhere wouldn't fly either, lol. Other than that, it should be safe.
    Honestly, the somewhat SFW Fakku discussion thread in the Blender. We should do it. It'd be the classiest thread in the joint.

    Ugh, yeah. That was a really disappointing one. Oh, Bukkake Manager (the one about the baseball team manager that wanted to be assaulted by the team, but they would never actually have sex with her) was pretty lulz. I really enjoyed Bloomers Save the World too.
    Yessssssssss. You totally should.

    Ah man, it's been far too long since we've discussed fakku. Albeit, there hasn't been a lot of quality submissions lately, and for whatever reason they've been uploading tons of NTR. D:
    Well, it's 8 episodes in, and it's only going to be 11 episodes. No second season. It's on this block called NoitaminA in Japan, and they only do 11-episode series (for the most part).

    The BD/DVD rips should be coming out soon.
    lol, okay. One of the friends is actually dead, she comes back, and basically the plot is to try and figure out why she is back and how to essentially allow her to "move on". It's a really touching series.

    You should watch it, Jackie. In fact, I demand you do so!
    actually to me it's seductive to be quite honest
    it's a voice that makes you subconsciously slowly undress even if they just ask were the food court is O:
    actually no O:
    She speaks english very well but slowly to be sure of her words
    that accent :X3

    i love european accents
    and cute ones too :33
    She's tall and has some weight on her :33
    Exchange student
    She's 5 10 D:
    Omg Legs :X3

    Her accent is soooo :druul worthy
    In small doses

    Also I met a girl from Bavaria Germany
    Teresa Dietrich Gretchen Schumacher

    I like Germany :33
    Hahaha, the full name is actually 'Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai'; it's a long name, but it's an amazing series. The director is the guy that did Toradora, so you know that it has a big drama element to it.

    It's mainly about a group of friends re-connecting and growing up (though the main focus is on one of their friends, and it's not a normal element, I just don't want to spoil it).
    I think only Nichijou is based on a manga. It's like this super-random 4koma series done by KyoAni. It's quite hilarious, and the budget is ridiculous. Really high production values.

    Ano Hana is probably my favorite series this season. It's a really emotional anime. Steins;Gate is based off a VN, and it's about time shenanigans and twists and stuff. Awesome cast of characters too.
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