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  • I know you want to try to be as correct and accurate as possible in matters like these, but sometimes there are cases when things can go either way or in any direction without a strict single mandatory one.

    This is how I'm currently viewing all of life, reality, and existence in general.
    you said that in the OBD that Peach vs. Zelda would get the same answers in general consensus as Death Battle's verdict. Yet in the latest Peach vs. Zelda thread we have here, much more people seem to be saying that Zelda should have won.

    Guess your theory is proven bunk, hmmm? Or maybe it would have actually been true back before Death Battle existed.

    Don't take it personally. I'm just trying to play the Devil's Advocate.
    just reading one of your posts about death battle back in past July and you think Peach should win against Zelda?
    Well I'm glad somebody knows what it's from. :awesome

    Heard of it (well, the Saturn version) when I was a kid, but didn't get hold of a copy until pretty recently. Totally worth the wait, though.
    So ONE person dies in 574 chapters and its a cause for celebration? So when we get to chapter 1148, we can expect another death?
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