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  • V she cant read obviously cuz you said you checked out the most popular peaches song.... fuck the pain away.

    i have wanted to say that for so long now.

    also ilu iah bo biah.
    Living in Finland - or actually I live in Helsinki - is quite nice and peaceful, although the winter is slowly coming and is the most depressing time of the year for it's dark outside 24/7. Over all, we aren't as open and friendly people as the other Scandinavians, I think, but... Mm, we get along with each other. :hurr

    I know, Finnish is quite awful, especially if you have to learn it. I hate it how people here nag about people that move here from abroad and then don't know our language... Most of them do try and learn it, but it's not like you can learn fluent Finnish in half a year, you know? And then they nag because they make lots of mistakes with the language... :facepalm Really, everyone knows English here. Helsinki also happens to be the place where all the tourists come to, especially now that there's no snow anywhere, so you don't need to know the language in order to visit.
    definitely essential and even more prosperous when performed with someone like you.

    yeah I was like OMG his lil rainbow beard! awesome! hahaha. oh you did it. i am more happy when i look at it now. placebo effect?

    aww its cool. some peeps voted me as best rookie.

    you werent the only person to say there should be a category for it I believe.
    I did :hurr

    I miss our reciprocation too! btw cool bright avatar. its like trippin me out.
    lulz I am in the blender moar. how did you know! :uwah you lurk it dont you? ;33

    uh no i think the awards thing is over.

    yeah nice! you are like one of the nicest members. arent you? :smoke

    hahaha i dont think there was a category for that.
    DUDE that chick maris likes some musics pfft likes!

    I was gonna say its been so long iah !!!!! ilu! did you know i voted you as being the nicest memeber or w/e for the NF awards

    cuz I :<3 you
    Where I live? Sup? Which question should I answer? :hurr

    "Nothing much, listening to music and hanging around naked lol. I live in Finland :nod"
    Beirut - I love this more than life. It might be my second favorite band, right after Radiohead.

    Crystal castle -luvs <3
    Basement Jaxx - only old stuff
    Danger, Private, Sneaky sound system, Chairlift, Head Automatica - gonna check it :X3
    Kelis - milkshakeesss, bossy... ;33

    LCD soundsystems, fischerspooner, calvin harris, bloc party... list goes on, and on... :nod

    Ok, you're officially the first person I "know" who knows Uffie :heart... pop da glock, ready to uff. I have like, 10 songs of her, and yet she's one of my top 15's most listened in itunes :nod

    I'm :cry
    I kinda consider everything that is not mainstream, indie, right? Perhaps we can decide on a criteria, so I can narrow it down a bit. For now, name dropping a few (cause there is a shit load of them):

    CSS, Peaches, Ladyhawke, Little boots, La Roux, Robots in Disguise, R?yksopp, Santogold, M.I.A, mgmt, empire of the sun, Feist, Foals, Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol... you know what, I'm just gonna say everything that might play at coachella or SXSW ;33
    I have relatives living there. :iria

    Rio had the best parties ever. Now, I like indie music and all, so i went to a party there that was like "OMG where did these people come from?". Such an incredible amount of hotness gathered in one single place. I'm not kidding.

    Lots of nice foreigners too :iria. Just gorgeous and hot people :faint.

    Best party.:hoho
    We are perceived as that? Finally we are being vindicated :hehee. As a people, (overall) we are indeed very nice, "interbred" in an interesting way. :hmpf

    Snow is fun, though. We don't have it here.:(
    No :C...

    yeeeeesss... :ho

    I'm known for having a morbid curiosity, so we're on the same page... again :awesome.

    Brazil is great. Seriously, I like it. Even though it's a 3rd world country and all, I feel like it's worth it :thumbs.

    Then again, I'm not a complicated person, when it comes to happiness. Suffice to say, I'm very satisfied. I've been to Europe, but my heart is always here, for some reason. :hoho

    So, how's living in Norway? Winter all year? :hehee
    I know! Randomness is so underrated, though :(. Ain't it magnificent? Oh you :hurr.

    You should expect a lot more from where that came from. Next thing you know, I'll have you eating beans with some frozen yogurt, just for shits, giggles and randomness! :iria

    Stick with me, you :hohoo
    Norway!!! kewl!! :iria :awesome

    Well, since it's 22:30 and you just woke up (:ho), go crazy and eat it all, mix them up, put cereal inside your bread :gar

    I bet you could eat a whole cow and still look hot, just cause you live in norway. :ho
    I'm not from the states actually, I'm from Brazil :uwah... yeah ;33. Well, right now I'm skipping class cause I'm coughing like crazy :( while I watch the Truman Show on tv :iria, it's 5 pm here. Crappy day, so far.

    You? Hope you're doing good :wtf
    Let's see. :hehee

    Perhaps you're curious about me 'cause we're both out of place in time - thus equals - but in different places altogether ;33.

    I'll have you know, the feeling is mutual :hehee

    Your shoes are mesmerizing :wtf
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