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  • I don't think these were your sparkles so it you have a copy feel free to give them to me and I'll upload them. ^_^
    They are beautiful!
    Hey! What a surprise seeing you here again!
    Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins
    What's new with you though, homie?
    Two is a handful and you really have no down time. Just work, work, work. :/

    I'm preggers and trying not to fall asleep during the day. Always need to go to the restroom. Those are the perks right? Ha ha ha
    Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins
    Shh, just sleep. Then you can wake up and eat tacos.
    So, I am eating at a new Mexican reataurant in town. It has actual Mexican chefs. I never knew how good Mexican food could be until now. Oh my god.
    pretty awesome actually

    getting out of marines in a few months, going to australia and new zealand for 5 weeks.

    Lol, ended up getting a job somewhere else actually. Have an interview with a second possible employer soon though. Maybe full time. :yay:

    Tell me all about how busy you have been!
    That's preposterous. :ninja

    Revenant was a pretty fun movie. More or less cinematography porn. <3

    I'm the kind of eater that will rarely try new stuff. Mainly stick to Indian cookying.

    This weekend was a bitch to drive. I won't even get started on the shoveling. :D:
    The interview was today. Turned out to be an informal one since the system decided to not work right, so I have to go back Wednesday for a formal one.
    Ahh right! haha. :catfeels

    sinus infections ugh those are not good At least you don't have bronchitis right?
    Meh, they're comical in the movies, but are rightfully not the main focus. That and the memes are lame, imo. I'M CULTURALLY RECALCITRANT, OK? :catippy

    Yup, the interview will be beautiful.
    Ahh really?! Thank you :ano

    You have a really good eye for color! Like the sig you just made is freaking amazing! Like it looks soo 90s tbh.

    You're also pretty great at smudging...which is something I'm still trying to get better at!

    I've been a fan of your work since 2010 haha!

    anyway how are you?
    Nope, quite the opposite, I actually have no job currently. I do have all of the availability. I did apply for a job with a liquor store cashiering, so that's a thing to look at too.

    Nothing wrong with ramen. Everything is wrong with Minions. I have an irrational disdain for them.
    Yeah, the other job's not too big of a loss, considering the lack of steady hours, but essentially, I will definitely get hours every week, so I won't be screwed on money totally, until I get a second job.

    Cheese and crackers, lady. Don't die from being stubborn. :catsupine
    Sooo, I learned I got released from my job since it was only seasonal. I did get an interview Monday though, and I know for a fact it'll be steady. Part time only though.
    It's fine, you'll learn as we continue speaking. I'm generally cracking jokes.

    Same here. Don't know if it continued, but it made my dog very happy. He loves snow - unlike rain. I didn't get one today, will tomorrow though.

    Hopefully you'll get it done and it'll look beautiful.
    Yeah, it's whatever. That would require some discussion in itself and I was kidding around.

    Yeah, just the one dog. He's a bit of a handful by himself. Are you getting anywhere with your plans, because I had been dealing with my dog pretty much all day. Then got lazy.
    It's the type of job where I'm not allowed to talk much about it. :maybe All I am willing to mention is that it is in the IT field. Sicario was a great movie. It gripped me right from the beginning with the bodies buried in the walls. :D: Del Toro was fantastic there. As for the last movie I was the Hateful Eight. One of my favorite movies of 2015. :ruri I might just go write original fiction provided that I can stumble across a plot and main character which appeals to me. What I do have right now are bits and pieces of a world that I feel would be pretty cool to put into writing.

    Never had fruit loops or an omelet. :hm Good luck with the job hunting. :33 Kinda don't want it to snow. Driving on snowy roads and even just getting out of where you've parked the car can be a major pain in the ass.
    I live on the west side of the beltway! You could visit, if you so wanted! The aquarium is quite good. Lol, you were lucky!

    Not too much, other than job hunting, not being lazy and starting market research, and taking care of the dog.
    It's k. You'll get your resume done. :)

    Yup, border towns are a no go, as well as the capital city itself. I've seen the murder statistics for Mexico. It's amazing how many cities top 150 and 200 murders a year. We're alarmed that Detroit and Baltimore regularly do so, I can only imagine how Mexico feels about their level of murders.
    These days I mainly focus on work which is somewhat exhausting lately, watching movies, and writing Harry Potter fanfiction though a part of me is itching to write original fiction.

    How about you?

    I saw your posts in the Retirement Home, but you guys still gonna try for kids? How many you aiming for? And is it weird not having a job anymore?

    I've been alright. Lot of life changes and some crazy stuff, and some mundane stuff. I'll have to write you a PM.
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