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Ms. Jove
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  • Hey Jovey. I know it's coming up on almost a year since you last posted, but whether you ever get a chance to read this or not, I just wanted to wish you and your wife all the best, brother. Hope you're both taking care of yourselves. Props for educating the next generation. And whatever you do, wherever you may be, live long, live well and live happily. Take care, old friend.

    do you know if we're gonna get the control panel back or go back to a similar format we had before
    Jovey, how are you?

    Ms. Jove
    Ms. Jove
    Late reply... things are ok, but it's been up and down at school and a lot of mentally draining things happening there. Euros without the NL... looks like I'll be able to read a lot this summer then.
    Hang in there, dude. Wish you the best.

    Also, I have a totally random theory that the reason the Euro 2016 thread is dead, aside from the fact this forum is dying, is because there is no Dutch clutchness this year. And you know that's right, Shawn.

    Godspeed old friend

    Just wanted to wish you in advance, a Happy, Safe and Wonderful New Year, Jovey.

    All the best in 2016

    Hey I was wondering, do you have any free time by any chance?

    A friend went on break ban and wants to come off his ban so he posted in the SCR but no one's responded to his thread. His UN's Gina, do you think you'd be able to unban him please? :iria
    OK then. It was complete accident that that I even know that the second person rep'd me, so was just wounder about that. Thanks anyway.
    The first mod to catch my eyes, well hopefully you don't mind me asking. Is there a way for me to get some kind of notification if someones reps me?
    I just read them, I haven't been home all day and still am not. I'll keep an eye on it.
    I believe Toronto does honour international teaching qualifications, especially American, but you need to register with a local board of education, and pass a minor test to prove your certificates are up to scratch. Toronto was once again named the best city in the world to live, for standard of life and quality of living. So having you and the Mrs in it, would only increase that level of excellence! :lmao

    Yeah, I can't believe I am finally entering my 3rd decade. But age is just a number dude, I will be eternally 25 in my head, for the remainder of my life. And continue to use my eidetic memory to gain knowledge and stay relevant with the times, even if I will eventually kick people the fuck off my lawn at age 65. lol

    And yes, the fucking Theatre is so large now. Especially that God damn comic book movie section. The activity is insane. Para is trying to do a part time job and finish school iirc. So the more assistance the better. We do govern ourselves generally, but I have noticed the sheer amount of stupid trolls cropping up like crazy lately.

    And man.... the Gooba(Chris) thing hit me really hard. I didn't know what to do for that first 24 hours after finding out. martryn and I reminisced via PM for a while behind the scenes, and of course as you know, Gooba was good friends with CMX and I, so this was a tough reality to accept that they are now both gone from this world. I hope that they are both talking shit and drooling over redheads in that big Konoha Theatre section in the sky.

    Also, who the fuck is Clay? Is that Velocity? Or Winchester Gospel, or whatever their previous username was?

    Sometimes I do wonder why Para was ever made a Mod in the first place, but then I remember that you think strategically, so that because he is a Mod in name/colour only, we can basically govern ourselves, unlike the 99% of other sections on this forum outside the KT and Sports Bar.

    I doubt I will ever be nominated for a modship in spite(or maybe despite) of my tenure, but if it does ever happen, I know I will at least make an effort to keep the machine running smoothly. Don't let the no-name knobs, bother you.

    Been flying all over for work, getting stuff done, and my health is very good right now, so I can't complain. Just turned 30 this year, too. Hope you can keep in touch dude, because I feel we have one of the oldest comradeship's on NF.

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