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  • ya dig star wars at all? Someone at Lucasfilm reached out to greg rucka and now he's writing comics and novels for them
    Hello :)

    I'm just starting reading Crime and Punishment as my High School lecture. I really like it and I'm glad it was chosen to be one, here in Poland.

    Found you posting in that very old topic and thought why not let you know, as you seemed to enjoy it :p
    Still feeling the effects of it. was sick for 2 days. I had like 30 shots in 4 hrs. Never again.
    The man....the myth, the legend....all hail Moe, one of the founding fathers of the naruto chat forums lol
    Bro, with naruto finally over, I've decided to pop my head in for the last time just to say that I think your an amazing dude with a really warm spirit and I wish you all the best in life Moe, take care of yourself, be happy and keep doing what you do best....don't change ol'friend.

    I think just One Moment in Time and a few covers here and there. Looks like he's bringing his A game, the two penciled pages he revealed look like they were done by Steve McNiven
    oh yeah the 'jokes' got pretty fucking heinous. But honestly the book is just really, really cute and funny.

    also yeah I get you on the backlog thing, havent even touched Marvel aside from Ms. Marvel and the start of Hickman's Avengers (!) run.

    also other new muslim heroes, Johns introduced a middle eastern Green Lantern. Not much has been done with him yet though
    Getting back into comics after like 2 years

    also that new ms. Marvel book about a muslim teen is DELIGHTFUL
    Dawn and I would in a heartbeat.

    I know Dawn would, and I know I would. I've made some, honestly, life-long friends on this stupid little forum (to rival any friends I made growing up, and those are some strong bonds) and most of them live in Europe or Scandinavia. It's a damn shame.

    I'm glad your trip was a fucking blast.
    Actually not reading many comics nowadays, just demon knights, snyder batman, whatever morrison pumps out and idw transformers.

    Also JJBA anime just started, guy who tld the last 60-70 volumes of Hajime no Ippo is tling it for a new sub group I'm in, click my sig for quality :LOS
    You still get to bash his face in, and stand there and watch him run the rail in his skivvies

    and yeah actually I've been the same, only reading a handful of titles.
    :lmao I seriously can't imagine why. In any case I did the same thing and dismissed it too but hearing so many thingsj ust kind of makes me want to seek it out. Have to echo the surprise that this got greenlit.

    Also I got all the riddler trophies, unlike with AA, you get to physically takedown Riddler :)

    same ol, been a little depressed but still moving on one day at a time
    It's not really the organization that's giving problems. It's just that the site isn't loading up. I'm just getting a white screen. Do you know if this site has troubles with Japan or something?
    Thanks. I've been with them for 4 years now actually. Four years today if you consider timezones.

    I'm glad you're having so much fun. Do you show any of the stuff you write? I'd love to read some.
    Tired pretty much. Between work and getting yelled at by my wife, there isn't much time to do much else.

    How about you? What's been happening with you?
    Actually its a yes and a no, he thinks he is trolling but he doesnt know how to do it witty or clever.
    So evidently the tl for kamen rider w, ooo and fourze is the same guy who tld 60 hajime no ippo volumes

    So if you like the tl for those, then you owe him :pek
    Yeah, I've been applying all over the know the old saying...throw enough mud/shit at a barn and something will eventually stick.

    I'll toot my own horn and say YES YES YES...I did get my masters with a 4.0 GPA like a boss. haha

    As for the job issue is that there isn't that many entry level positions. Most places want at least five years experience...masters only can replace 2 years. Just discouraging really.

    That is awesome. I'm really happy for you. Great to see that you are making your dream a reality.

    I'll say hi for you when they show up.
    Could be better could be worse I guess. Recently received my Masters of Science, but still can't find a job. At least the social life is decent which keeps me inactive here though when I'm around here I end up having to still deal with certain things in the ol' HR.

    That might be a safe assumption...most of the old hokage team are gone...the ones that still show up are rather inactive.

    Have are things on your end?
    That is hilarious moe...

    been awhile moe...been a long time.

    Really no procedure I long as staff like it?
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