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  • Yo, how are you doing? Also, thanks for the well wishes. I actually got to spend my birthday with family for the first time in years which was nice.
    Well said ma'am. Obviously take your time and while the anime does help bring you up to speed I'd still read the parts just to get the feel of it since you'll need to read Parts 4-8 to know what happens next.
    M'lady have you accepted JoJo in your life?
    Oh, I did! I'm sorry I didn't respond quickly, I get lost in time sometimes...but yeah, I support it as well. I think it was Advent Children that really cemented it for me, although I already did kinda favor it before.
    i'm doing good too ^^

    ah Gintama! i've heard of that anime... thanks <3

    lol i stopped reading VK too... i want to wait till it's completed then read it all at once XD

    yeah i was looking through my friends list and there i saw you.. :amuse keep in touch neh~
    Mori <3 been a while :X3 how are you? and which anime are the characters in your sig from? do you still read VK? lol lots of questions.. have fun~
    Happy New Year to you as well, and no need to apologize for the late reply, though I was growing all the more curious as to when or if I would get it; I had started to wonder whether or not you had taken another hiatus from the site.

    But yes, both the paper and exam went very well. I got my final grades back Friday, Dec. 18 and they were a B- in my English class and an A in my German class. I was taking just two classes since I needed only 4 credit hrs to graduate. Needless to say, I'm finally finished with college and will be walking across the stage in May; until then, it's nothing but much needed r & r.

    I trust and hope you closed out 2009 on an inclined academic axis, I'm interested to know how you did. Oh, and I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Had I known you weren't going to be on-line too often these past few weeks, I can honestly say I wouldn't have bothered to show my face around here the few times that I did in that period.
    I think your wishing me luck may have actually lent itself to some advantage on my behalf because the paper came along just fine, despite my procrastination and waiting until two days before it was due to start on it; and yes, this is my final semester in college, assuming I pass both of the classes I took this semester which I don't doubt I will just don't want to speak prematurely.

    I just took what I expect to be my FINAL final this morning so it looks like I'm officially done... with everything.
    I certainly hope not; otherwise, I'll most likely consider the manga itself a waste of my time. I'm especially looking forward to learning of the events surrounding the "serial killer hollow" (as a fellow NF'er put it) being pulled into Bleach's incarnation of Hell.

    I don't consider your reply to be late, since I'm not insensible enough to place a time limit on how long I think it should take you or anyone else to reply to one of my messages. I'm about to be fairly busy with school myself once I begin on the final paper I have due in my English class on Dec. 1st; thank God it will all be over with afterwards... and by that I mean school itself. I hope things are coming along smoothly for you at school, despite your apparent diligence therein.
    I've only been keeping up with the anime; laziness has soured the thought of me tediously reading chapter after chapter when one anime episode covers multiple chapters. I suppose I'll be forced to embrace the manga eventually, though, to avert the onset of numerous filler arcs.

    Oh, that's a shame... I'd love the opportunity to read the lines on a 77 year-old woman's face, since I'm sure wisdom is written all over it.
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