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  • You're missing out on all the telegram glory. Best chapter in a while :bury
    What’s up?
    I Read the spoilers. What was it that was so goat? Big Mom getting embarrassed?
    Can't discuss much here, but it was fun and pretty hype yesterday.
    So you're the same Dolflamingo with an alpha from many years back?
    An alpha?? Oh yeah that’s me.
    It’s been a while man

    are you Marco by any chance?
    No, I'm not Marco. But we had some really fun moments back in 2013.

    Bitty, You and I did Marco is Admiral level OPBD debate together at that time.

    Welcome back bro. :beer
    Damn man, it's gonna lame without you. But i'll definitely add you asap. Just gotta get my skype working again.
    Hey mate, how's life these days?

    Hope you're doing well.
    you liked this even tho i sent it in 2015 lol
    Week was cool tasted red velvet cake for the first time. Rather enjoyed it. Sister seems to be enoying more than me though even though it's my birthday but you know she's family can't run them away...and mean it.
    So you're not dead?

    Good to know man.

    KIG and I have both been banned since the last time we spoke :urahaha
    I'll continue to represent. You do the same for all the Chicagoers? Chicagoians? :cat
    Wad up :cat

    Yeah I haven't watched Gundam in several years. Started to get back into it with Gundam Build Fighters.
    Hey just read that it's your 20th birthday. One more year before you can legally drink in the US!

    Anyway, hope you have a good one. Feels like yesterday you were telling us you were just turning 18.
    Going through the amazing bandcamp page man, will get back to you after I go through some of it. But thanks a lot, some really amazing shit there.
    I haven't watched as many films as I once used to do. :(

    Out of the most recent ones (last 3/4 months) "Oldboy" - the original Korean version, not the butchered American version, I found absolutely stunning. Blew me a way tbh. You've probably heard of it already as it's well famous (IMBD top 250) - but the acclaim is deserved.

    Other recent films.

    - Gravity. 6/10 Meh. Visually amazing but the story didn't move me.
    - Lone survivor. 10/10. Fucking loved but that's probably because it's a modern war film and I always love them.
    - Fargo 9/10. Fantastic. It's a classic, but I only just got around to watching. Steve Buscemi is amazing in it.
    - Elysium. 5/10. Got some good actions scenes and the underlying message is noble enough but the story falls apart too many times for you to take it seriously.
    - Dallas Buyers Club 9/10. Gripping story and it stars the man of the moment, Matthew Mccongunly
    - Good Morning Vietnam 7/10. Watched it after Robin Williams death (:().

    Probably some that I've forgotten.

    I'm not at home so don't have access to my film hard drive to give you a better list at the moment. Will try and do that tomorrow.

    Try asking Cheeky as well. He watches quite a lot of films as well.
    Well practice makes perfect man, take a look at my very first submissions to the giveaway thread and you'll see what I mean :lmao
    Lakers will never go far as long as Kobe plays there or until he understands that his era has ended long time ago, that he needs to start building up a good team chemistry and become way less selfish on the court. Yeah, Deandre used to be pretty much like Griffin, he always used to get all of his points by dunks. Don't know very much about Thibs, but I heard he's really great at coaching defense. Is this right ?

    I'm very jealous, I wish there would be NBA games here as well. :catprone I think Rose could have gotten more points against him, since despite Kyrie's great offensive power, he really lacks skills on the defense.

    Yeah, I think there have never been such an atlethic point guards as Rose and Westbrook. I think those two players would be unstoppable in Jordan's era, mainly because of what I just mentioned.

    Indeed it had. He's probably starting to realise that he alone won't be able to do anything, that he, as a point guard, need to use all of the players on the court, if he wants to be the No. 1 PG and to play for the rings,
    You did, I remember coz I was replying to your last PM a couple months ago and it said "User has chosen not to receive" or something...
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