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Recent content by MHA massive fan

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    Slowest who can replicate Jiraiya's sandal feat?

    Chapter 465 Sasuke dogma is the chapter
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    Zabuza and Kimimaro (Healthy) vs Kisame and Hidan

    Kisame solo’s
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    Slowest who can replicate Jiraiya's sandal feat?

    I didn’t mention. Kakashi kamui perhaps read what I wrote Obito called kakashi fast and it had nothing to do with kamui It was when yamato and kakahsi were protecting naruto in samurai land
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    7G Gai vs 4th Raikage

    Edo Madara didnt priasse KCm 2 naruto . Using this logic A4>>Kcm2 naruto in speed See above
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    7G Gai vs 4th Raikage

    A much stronger Madara never praised gai A much weaker one could easily block A4 end of thread
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    7G Gai vs 4th Raikage

    So they both lack feats then
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    7G Gai vs 4th Raikage

    I would love to know what feat people are using to claim A4 is as fast or faster than Gai Please dear posters enlighten me
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    Itachi and A4 vs MS Sasuke and A3

    It’s essentially Itachi Vs sasuke As Itachi can easily defeat A3 And MS sasuke can easily defeat A4
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    If Jiraiya actually used his frog hax more, how would you rate him?

    Yet looses decisively to the same crippled Nagato Actually worse he looses to nagato’s puppets
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    Slowest who can replicate Jiraiya's sandal feat?

    But your motives are no different Where is your use of portrayal here . Something Sannin band love to use all the time if Jiriaya is so fast why has that never been mentioned by anyone . Unlike kakahsi who clearly was stated to be fast by « Madara himself « really obito but thought to be...
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    Is the Mangekyo Sharingan of Kamui (used by Obito and Kakashi) really so strong?

    He did though after kakashi kamui ripped off gedo mazo arm So fairly pointless and transparent thread
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    Slowest who can replicate Jiraiya's sandal feat?

    If Jiriaya blitz preta before he could erect the barrier how did preta absorb it ? Also how is kicking animal path evidence Jiriaya is faster than kakashi konohamaru landed rasengan on naraka . You don’t see anyone say konohamaru is faster than kakashi do you
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    7G Gai vs 4th Raikage

    Thank you for correcting him Then yes base Minato Kunai toss isnt faster than 8G gai Minato speed and reactions are though As he could only teleport after the Kunai was tossed
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    7G Gai vs 4th Raikage

    And hirahsin is Minato speed Why does who threw the Kunai matter I don’t get
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    WA Kakashi VS The 3 Paths of Pain

    Seeing he can kamui wrap gedo mazo arm Hé kamui’s all 3 at the same time . Little reasons for him not to do this off the bat Now that he has mastered kamui i find it silly because the same people mocking kakashi chances of winning would say obito wins using the very same jutsu kakashi can use...
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