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  • did some googling. and found this one, interesting! http://www.mukamo.com/culinary-arts-schools-in-the-philippines/

    isabella nga name nung nakilala ko, but in the post she says she goes to GHIC, which is in ortigas. tama, mukhang sya nga to.hehe

    i have a male friend who goes to enderun, which is in mckinley hill, i remember he told me when i saw him once having tea in one of the posh restos in serendra.

    so kelan kami makakakain ng sample ng luto mo? PM me your resto so we could come visit.hehe
    global is in Taguig alright...i dunno where Enderun is but its the most expensive Culinary school in the Philippines, next is us :pimp

    baka Enderun nga or yung isa pang school puro kc abbreviations ang culinary schools eh :zaru
    may issue kami na knife set pero pangit, bibili ka talaga nung mamahalin para maayos yung work mo tapos pag knife skills pa lang yung inaaral mo ibig sabihin nagstatart ka pa lang sa culinary arts :zaru

    weh, i know you're rich :pimp
    not really...back then it was just 750K for a two-year diploma but now i think they charge around 850K :uwah

    and i aint rich, my parents are :zaru

    duh, you're rich yourself if you're in Ateneo :edu
    lol are you in the Philippines? try applying to my school; CCA...but the thing is, all my instructors there have resigned and are teaching in different schools, mainly Global in Taguig...try it also and in Enderun :edu
    awesome! the avas look so vibrant and vivid! I'M SO USING it already! thanks hustler! you're the Man indeed.

    Btw, can you please make the 'grey background' of the sig same as the light grey of the Forums's background and the pic a little more vivid, like the ava? and can we also remove the shadow at the bottom which makes her look like her legs were cut and hanging. LOL. thanks bro! You're the Man.
    Hah, while I don't necessarily consider myself Christian, there are some really good lessons that the Bible (which includes Jesus' philosophy), the Koran, etc (other religious scrolls) teach that I do wish more people take to heart.

    Personally I can't stand organized religion. I can see the good it does and the bad, but I don't see a truly just God forcing people into groups of beliefs people kill for. I'd figure S/He'd be happy with people just living a good life and doing their best not to hurt others and taking responsibility and the right actions for when they do.
    i pick the clips myself from videos, then i had a friend here in NF edit them for avy or sig...her name is Snow Princess, she did my set :hurr
    actually... i usually get the raws from narutofan.com... but it's not up on there yet... so i can't find it either. but i'll translate it when it's found
    no prob... i might be able to find it... remind me of the question regarding madara please (i forgot :imslow lol)
    It's a fun topic to go back and forth on, I have my own thread declaring that Tobi isn't uchiha madara, based on the topic. I have really loved where the story was going, I just really wish Sasuke wasn't such a victum of Kishimoto's plot, because his character has made less and less sense; ever since Tobi's first talk in the cave with him.

    Which is why I am hoping Tobi is Shisui, as everything would fit nicely there, I am not sure about the age as it hasn't been mentioned, but Itachi being his comrad doesn't point out shisui's age at all, we know Itachi was very young to accomplish all that he had, and while Shisui was known as the most gifted, he could of been closer to Kakashi's age.
    Haha no problem. Yeah i'm more of a casual forum-goer. I was real into it when i first joined, and then i kinda just started only tuning in when things were intense or getting crazy/confusing in the manga to see what everyone's talking about. haha but yeah thanks.
    I understand what you mean by opening up yourself to the experience. I think that clarifies it alot better for me. Though towards believing in god, if you put yourself in a state in which you already believe prior to the experience. Aren't you just trying to find justification for the belief in which you already have. Also wont this reflect how you perceive the experience? In which case wouldn't you bias yourself towards who to attribute the experience to?
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