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  • Mashed potatoes !!! I don’t think you remember me but I love you because you’re amazing baby
    I'm going to make it super easy for you to find me. My name is Thayala Vigneswaran (as I mentioned before), and I am on Facebook! I know, I know, that site probably gives you major anxiety :laugh I use it now, so it's cool. :D
    you guys are so slow, it's annoying, what use would it be for Jesus to return when people's reaction time is this slow? punks, :laugh :D

    anyway, Avraell, you're allowed to contact me too :laugh, what are you like over 30 now? :laugh:laugh:laugh I hope you have kept healthy, I have uses for you now. :laugh o these emojis are inadequate and this website is slow :hmph
    hey Michelle, you bitch :D I'm done having you passively listening to me, get in touch real time, we're taking this to the real world. Glad you still seem to be alive :D I'm serious, the sooner we get rolling, the sooner your life will be in a better state :D Ack, you never listened to me anyway, just do what you want. :)
    I'm afraid the vast majority of my random beats are gone D:

    Anything that I made from 2008-2012 died along with my old external hard drive. Although I maybe have a couple saved on the internet if I can remember the file hosting site I used. Also, I have most of my equipment back now and am working on songs again ^___^
    Unfortunately I'm still quite guarded when it comes to my music. I don't believe I've even recorded anything in the last two years :(

    Soon though. I'll be in a professional studio for 4 days a week for the next year or so and I'll record something to send your way. Even if you don't log into nf for a long time again :laugh

    THAT PAINTING IS AWESOME. How much did it sell for?? I'm proud of you for being able to make some money off of your passion! Gus is sick nasty. Will the painting be of him with a half or a whole face? :D

    Ahhhh the beat generation. That started it all for me really. Hahaha....that's crazy that I met you that long ago. There's only one or two people that I still talk to that could accurately associate me with the beats. Other than maybe knowing my favorite book is On The Road. Did you ever read that by the way??
    That's awesome. You know, feel free to share any new art you might have made in the last two years. Just sayin. It's totally ok if you did that. :)

    My music has Lately I haven't been able to make the exact type that I want to, just because I sold a lot of my equipment. So nowadays I frequent open mic nights around the city with my friends, I usually play some sort of hand drum like my african djembe. Or piano.

    I'm transferring to a school that specializes in audio engineering next semester, and am aiming my career toward pre/post production with movies and tv now. Although I'll always make music for fun, and if I can become successful in that then that's cool too.

    Are you still in Uni??
    Oh wow! What a great surprise! Seeing a message from you was probably the least likely outcome I was expecting when I clicked my notifications tab :laugh

    I'm doing well. Working my butt off, but I'm well none the less. How about yourself?

    Also happy belated birthday!
    Hey. Hope you are super. We should talk, y'know? I still mean to reply to that email from... uh... well over a year ago. Busy busy lazy.
    I feel the same way about water as vegans feel about animals.

    Do I deserve to consume you, noble molecule? Is it my right? You offer me life and what do I grant in return?

    I don't feel the same way about air as I do about water.

    I have a pet spider. I didn't buy it, I found it in my room and kept it.

    I don't approve of its hunting methods, but I do like how it can go without food for 3 days, venerable beast.

    It gave birth to 11 (apparent) offspring. I separated it from its brood to see how it would react. It didn't seem too upset.

    I have a feeling it was going to kill them anyway.

    Anyway, hah

    I missed the act of reproduction, but I kept the male too, who I frankly prefer, little wanderer.

    The female has long legs, the male is short, stout, but strong, he did well getting her. In fact, I'm not even sure if he's the father, but I can't imagine who else it could be.

    The kids look just like him, and not at all like the mother, whose maternity I have no doubts about. I practically watched her giving birth.
    stuff like only being capably of 6 different expressions: SURPRISE, fear, disgust, Rage, Anger, sadness :(, happiness :), misery :scry, ecstasy :haha

    in other words, you're supposed to be sad bitch! 1/6th of the time friend. but there there, you've got me + at least 3 other people.. i can increase that number whenever you like (:aroused)
    you're not a puppy, you can look after yourself

    but you understand very little

    the function of a psychiatrist is to provide understanding

    you have a problem with depression, it was not as big a problem 4 years ago

    you owe your infatuation with MBTI to your 16 yr old self

    you owe your slight infatuation with Marina Abramovic to your 19 yr old self

    you owe your interest in punk music to your 12 yr old self

    does any of this make you special? is any of this important? yes and no

    - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -


    - - 0 - - - - - - - - -- - -

    what i'm trying to say is

    - - - - - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

    we can talk about movies and fashion and how we do our hair and what songs we're listening to and how we feel about our friends and where we'd like to go on holiday and what's on our bucket list and we can arrange to go bowling and go to jazz bars and eat ice cream and chuck stones in a lake and think about sailing and how ugly most buildings are and and and

    - - - - - - - - --- - - - -- - - - - - - - -

    you are special

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

    any doubt?

    --- - - - -


    I'll be alert and patient and willing and happy and cheerful and loving and exciting and we can talk about cars and what we want to do in the future and when we're going to meet and what we like to eat and what time we go to sleep and how much we like ponies! and I'll stop teasing you without you realising I was teasing you, because that is evil. and we can have the best platonic relationship in the world! better than anything seen in movies, or television, or books, and, and and and and and you're awesome.
    really, i'm not


    Don't let the sun........... go down on me yeah...
    although I search myself......... but the ....

    (this reminds me
    i don't wholly know the lyrics to a single song
    god that is depressing)
    Come on mMichelle, I'm not yielding until I develop a healthy repartee between us.

    There's nothing mysterious about dark energy to someone who has watched Star Wars.

    Good guys create things, bad guys destroy things.

    Human contect (lol) is important.

    whether it is through


    face-to-face interaction


    listening to musicians

    All ideas come from someone else, or a conglomerate of someone elses, imperfectly or superlatively interpreted. The individual is insignificant, alone. the general has soldiers. the president has citizens. the CEO has employees. the artist has fans. the deity has worshippers. the leader has followers || in short, solitude, isolation are very contrary to the demands of existence (of course nothing is without necessity). The reason I continue writing to you is because I feel connected to you, you are in my thoughts, you are on my mind. The reason you continue to observe me is because you feel connected to me. I don't want you to fade away into a cognitive oblivion, I like you too much; but that is inevitable, things can only grow, stagnate, dwindle, or... die.

    I think too much like a philosopher; I consider this a defect; let's talk, plain as day, plain as sunshine.
    If you actually want my support, you can't give me less to work on than a psychotherapist or a clinical psychologist - that's just not fair! :cry

    but that's not important

    I like how more scientific you are becoming; I don't like how less poetic you are becoming.
    'life is ok for the majority.'

    Sweet. now be so good darling - honey covered, cream filled, ebullient munificently fragrant lily layered pie sky star cake - as to promptly remove your little cry for help directed at me, for some strange reason, with the ready-at-hand-and-effortless magick of editing.*

    Reason: it makes me feel like i have to do something (it makes me feel powerless :()

    and clearly i don't (and clearly i'm not :sweatdrop)

    Much love, much thanks, much respect, much gratitude,

    My name is Thayala Vigneswaran


    *N.B. P.S.

    In life, you can edit everything, anything, the whole cosmos.
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