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Malicious Friday
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  • Only ter yer, yor vacuous naughty banter and blafferin' is an "opinion". Cor blimey guv, would I lie to you? To me its nuffink more than a man 'oose been 'urt by the world and feels the need ter psychologically deflect it evrywhere 'e amazingly, eloquently and constructively crorls.

    To me yor healthy and smart, right, capable of changin' or understandin' yor vacated, calm, right, spontaneous, awesome, sane impact, right? The source of yor information is not a birff defect yer deem capable of makin' an influential opinion.

    To me yor nuffink more than an adult that wines for a tit ter suck on in a world that does give a shit that yor cried for the bleedin' attention yer fought yer deserved. Cor blimey guv! Yor a pariah and a drifter for attention because yer were given enough care or luvd, I don't care and neever does any fairy else, right, so put the mockers on dignifyin' yor sentiment as insight or opinion.


    Malicious Friday
    Malicious Friday
    Oh lord, what is this. I need some type of advanced ciphering system to decode this.
    Why do you hate black people?
    It's cool man, plus it was fun to read while you were doing it.:skysun

    Lets just get on that hype train for Steven Bomb.:catroll
    Thanks for the review! I don't have a lot of PM space so this is what I've had to resort to! :-(

    Let me know if you would like the favour returned
    I believe that you are being rather harsh with your statement, since most of the people who say that are people who lived their childhoods and grew up in that decade, so their opinions would be biased in its favor (i.e., the "nostalgia filter" is affecting them).

    I myself lived my childhood during the 1990's, so I, also, have a predisposition toward films and television series from that decade, but I do also acknowledge that there have been some amazing films and series in recent years, as well. If you are not fond of that decade, that is perfectly fine, but I believe that it is too extreme to say "fuck it."

    Since we are discussing this subject, when were you born, and during what years was your childhood?
    It's actually from the PV Outer Science from a series of vocaloid songs called the Kagerou Project. But it has been adapted into an anime called Mekakucity Actors.
    People like to revenge neg and im not afraid of Dissing America.

    Proud of my negs tbh, shows that im above the stupid americans
    Thank you. :catblush

    Yeah--but to be specific, it's from "Fantasia 2000"--the "Firebird Suite". :nod
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