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  • yeah. it says "Selena G" in pretty font by her name x]
    thanks. i get called pretty a lot :D
    chocolate :druul
    Thanks love. I asked my friend on skype how it looks and he said it looks like shit, well, what I said to him would have gotten me banned here.
    Smoke, Smoke then BlackSmoke xD
    Myself of course. Seriously though I dont know depends what range I get against teams. I am totally confident against my look alike with soi fong insteda of yuroichi since Yuroichi>>>Soi Fong. FF Ishida would be easier at short at long would be hard. Same with Roger's team, long will be hard.

    I am still not sure who I am voting for in your match though dont worry.
    if your head hurts and you are unsure at least remove your vote and think about it so you incase you forget or get tired and go to sleep you dont just leave it without being sure of who to vote for.
    It woulda been ok. I'm used to it, whether peoples know my age or not xD
    I've never taken a class. Everything I know how to do (like my current sig & avy) I've learned through finding tutorials and practicing. Its not all that hard, it just takes a bit of patience :3
    I could try. I suck at explaining though x[

    Actually, you are wayyyy off. I am only 14, believe it or not, a freshman in highschool :lmao
    I think its possible. If you have a Layers Pallet in Gimp then yes.

    A graphic artist && Photographer, yes. I am no good at anything else xD
    My battery has like, 10 minutes left... Not sure I can do much.

    It covers 180 meters in every distance from the caterpillar's mouth(though it takes some time to spread that far). I don't know how large is the stage exactly but my fodder & Neliel certainly do have the room to escape the poison until Mayuri dies.

    EDIT: Typo, not distance but direction.
    Are you planning on voting in my match? If you do, read the rebuttals in Page 5.. fight is mostly revolving around there..
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