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luffy no haki
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  • Well do what you think will make story better. You're part of the crew so feel free to add to it. If you need a starting point, keep an eye on the doctor
    Well Diego now met Sheen. While they are in the ring, Van will be unable to participate much because of being a gunsman and help investigate about the disappearances. I posted the info for Chapter 2. We can have Van investigate the office of the mysterious female doctor.
    Dude, you just said that Ichigos powerup to roflstomp Aizen was justified?

    Dude, Base Aizen was already tons stronger than Ichigo pre/Dangai.
    Aizen with the power of the Hog. got an insanely large power boost, being able to roflstomp 3 guys like Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin with no effort at all in his 1st hog. form.

    Aizen then transformed again, and then he transformed again (butterfly Aizen) and he even transformed one more ... Yet Ichigo in one hour SUDDENLY conviniently receives a powerboost enough to be able to roflstomp the Aizen that trascendens anyone else in the manga ?


    At least Natsus LFD mode agaist Hades didn-t guarantee him the win at all ... Yet Ichigo roftlstomped Aizen with one of the largest ass pull Shounen powerboosts in a single manga ...

    Ichigos power boost to defeat Aizen was not justified ... Theres just no way a guy without even a year at being a Shinigami could become TONS stronger than someone with hundreds of years of experience plus with a GOD level object as his power source ...
    Almost done with Chapter 1. Van getting used to his captain and getting some dinner before leaving on the ship and on to their next adventure!
    Would like to see King's template so you can get an idea? Would you like to design a Rook or another Check Lord?
    Got a successful job interview today. All right, wish you luck. After we recruit Sheen, we start looking for our 5th memeber
    Still not sure. Will recruit once we get to the Helen Chapter. Definitely a female navigator though. Meanwhile, any plans for the Checkmate Syndicate Arc that you want to see?
    Hey, when after we recruit, would you like to plan the recruitment of our last East Blue member before we head to the Grand Line?
    Well, Van has to save Diego like Zoro with Luffy, they leave in pirate fashion toward their next adventure!
    Hey lnh, since Shin is on my case, what do you suggest we do for the Checkmate Syndicate Arc?
    Dude, Strawhat's character Helen is going to be our swordswoman after Sheen joins! We have to get moving, quickly. News is being made so don't get lost in the posts!
    With only two active crews, we cannot let the Unnamed Crew beat us! We must go and march forward!
    Hey, how you doing? Had my last final exam today! Woo-hoo! Well, Diego will help Van Slayerand help find his gun while Zack duels with Waru. Waru cheats and before he can slay Zack, we come to the rescue.
    Hey lnh, how you doing? Hope you're well. Anyway, Van should get captured at this point and taken to Katana Town. I will also have the NPCs up by today.
    Uhh dude. Firearms are banned on Ronin Island, even for the Marines. That would be one of his other reasons for his arrest
    Okay, let's get this started! Posted. This really shouldn't take that long. If we work hard and persistent, we'll be able to blow the others out of the water!
    All right, so Van is currently being held prisoner or is captured on the island. You'll understand when I post the chapter info. You ready for this?
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