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  • Neck?! :notrust

    Yeah, I just wasn't around enough and it seemed like the only posts that I was making were to welcome new members. I still love the pairing, but I don't feel the need to chat about it so much.

    So what have you been up to?
    It takes a strong Lou to deny what's right in front of her. :pek

    You both need to go and feel like heroes. Konrad demands it. :C
    explain masochism (as you mentioned Kishi does not know what it is) Maybe I don't understand it either, but that is the word that I thought of
    No, no it didn't actually CAUSE one...but the artist was discovered to be a massive bitch.
    Looks like you have an invasion of butthurt on your VM channel Lou :zaru
    Indeed, then you can keep appreciating your aching butt my dear. (i presume)
    Let the butthurt flow through you :fuck
    I enjoy you delusion and tears ;)
    well i would not say the shine is an issue for all characters....i even think it suits annie. that is just a mikasa issue. but those lips....why. why? why????? even in isayamas color spreads they dont have huge red lips like that. its just so irritating and unneccesary. like just...why?

    your right the blank look in the eyes is kinda weird....but thats probably because someone forgot to take the iris out too :p
    as for the newtype page...my issue is a combination of the lips and the out of place scenario. mael tried to post some manly muscled jojo guy with make up on as a response and i had to secretly agree. that makeup just ruins the impact and clashes so hard.

    tbf lou...i actually did think for ep 9 they did a pretty decent job portaying mikasa's character and willingness to disobey authority to protect her friends with the police actively cowering in front of her might. the "my skill is flesh and the laceration thereof" closeup really made me happy!

    i guess when it comes down to it..i think my issue with her portrayal in the anime can be summed up with isayamas "mikarin" spread. at the time it was so funny because he knew mikasa was as far from moe and stereotypically girlish as possible and the clash between her outfit and her attitude and design(complete with glare and badass face scar in prominent display) was just so amazing.

    while in the anime i get a feeling that this mikasa would not be too out of place with the outfit on in certain scenes. (like at the end of ep 5...what was once a simple one panel spread of mikasa looking back with her normal emotionless face on was changed to an elaborate and exaggerated turn of her head....hair flowing in the wind and eyes sparkling as if she was having a photoshoot or was in one of those shallow make up commercials...bleh

    in many ways i consider mikasa a female reville, except one who acts only on her wreckless feelings when it concerns her love as opposed to reville who doesnt have such a strength\achilles heel hence why hes always so grumpy :p

    i know im probably stretching my cred here....these are all just nagging feelings ive got.
    Im not gonna lie, I was trying to keep it jovial and refrain from mentioning things like unwanted buttsecks.

    I'm a non-crying, non-complaining, large bodied, athletic philosopher aka partially reminiscent to the classic Idea of Male Human. I'm a pale shadow of the idea of a truly powerful Man however that makes me many leagues more manly than so many guys who are less than 130lbs but 6ft and above. I don't cry because I'm a cold heartless bastard most of the time, I don't complain because I scream with my mouth shut, and I still laugh and cuddle. I'm not trying to be macho, but atleast I shouldn't be disrespected because I'm Alpha, and I but heads with Alpha females. They could atleast understand that just because we're both Alpha doesn't mean we have to tear one another down. It's just with the single mom syndrome running rampant Male authority or strength is just not understood anymore, even if We're just as powerful as a powerful woman it's so unexpected that it's not appreciated yet desired. Makes a beast like me quite confused but in an amused way. Man or Woman it's fun to bemuse those who already think they have sum of Me in their puny human brains.:suave

    Mind you, I'm not arguing your opinion or view but I just want to show you mines. :ano

    Machism may be the opposite however the it's opposite of Feminism may actually not really exist as an organized ideology. There are no machist bookstores or government funding for machist organisations.
    We have now millions of Mexicans in the US sending money to their wives south of the border. And it seems not one woman sends money to her man. Would machism advocate power of men to force women to work and send money? Machism as an idea is absurd. The real opposite of feminism would be equalism, a 50:50 treatment of both sexes to bridge the child custody gap, incarceration gap, voting gap, wealth gap, work gap, sexuality gap etc. In other words, the end of the privileged status for women.

    But sadly..No, they are not opposites. Feminism actually is a form of equalism. We try to give woman the same rights as men and to eliminate discrimination. Machism is the idea that men are superior to woman. The counterpoint of feminism is masculism.
    I appreciate you taking the time out and stuff. But you answered me exactly how I hoped You wouldn't. 'Cuz..the jest of what I read is that If you are not Feminist, then you are Sexist. I have to say chauvinism throughout history has been more akin to Overtly Patriotic, or Murderously Opinionated people. The word itself is only about 200 years old give or take, so feminist could only have started using it in the last century or so. In my experience sexism is probably the most Equal of all the discriminatory attitudes...love the paradox but I digress. I love women, at least one at a time, and I vehemently believe a female with a education is just right to me always has. Female with power is simply correct just like a Man with power. However It's crazy when people say "If Women ruled the world there would be no Wars", or here's a good one "Men come and go, but children need their mom". :geg

    I'm just saying...when we have a country where all sitcoms show Husbands who are Blessed by GOD to have found their wives and those same Wives wonder why they ever married that buffoon are accepted and applauded. Whilst the roles being reversed is considered sexist which it is, but as opposed to the former being comedy is just a sign of how Unequal things still are. :notrust

    In the words of Bill Mayer " 'I hear women say Married men live longer', As do Indoor Cats.":amazed
    Here in lies my problem. See, I never met a feminist I only met posers who believe the opposite of feminism is sexism lmao. So me saying that feminist use the word chauvinist only in reference to disrespect any man who has a sliver of pride As a Man is just an example of my ignorance and deplorable experience. Please educate me one of these days and I do mean that. And I'm not flirting. And I'm not being sarcastic. So don't bite my head off cause it's a good head. Or...maybe that's why one should bite it off?:distracted
    Didn't your post in that chauvinist thread say "What's there to be bothered with?" as in you agree that OP was just overreacting? So why neg me if we were on the same side of the discussion.
    Well i posted that Naruto is not a bad guy if he does not love Hinata.Do you remember now ?
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