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  • My Hitsugaya Legion brother; what do you think about Augmented Charlotte easily dodging VS Bambi's bombs considering Shinji got blitzed by them? :hm

    I went back and read the fight and Giselle only mentioned Bambi's agility was affected, not her Schrift or Vollstandig amp(and it wouldn't
    make logical sense for it to be mitigated anyway). Considering Toshiro blitzed him in return, it could be incredible proxy Post-TS Toshiro wank material if it's valid
    Lord Stark, I don't know you but i am going to do you a favor, dude.

    I shall presume that those two characters in your signature are from HBO's Game of Thrones, but who are they, and why are they saying those lines?
    Is it just me? Or do we kinda agree a lot more on hitsugaya's feats ever since he showed his adult form? I'm less opposed towards hitsugaya now. Rather we kinda debate not wheter he's full of shit or not. But rather kinda adjusting context here. In which we seemingly get more of an acceptable result.
    Preferably not tho. :lmao

    Now that Gerard has no shield and sword, he'll probably start blowing shit up with energy based attacks.
    Didn't want to clutter the other thread.

    Pretty much agree that Lille is still >> Gerard. At least with Trompete anyways as long of there's a piece of Gerard left he can regenerate.

    This reaffirms even more why Lille's the leader he can counter all their regen bs.
    Damnit Lord Stark. You guys are really hard to kill off. Okay how bout a truse? I'm getting tired of attacking hitsugaya really. I'm gonna take a bit of gas back and try to surpress my hate. I hereby lay down my sword of hate and shield of salytness.

    My jaw litterally dropped when i saw adult hitsugaya. At that moment I knew i lost.

    Well Lord Stark. The era of the white haired- no the ice dragons has arrived again. I guess i will have to adapt slowly to it.

    anyways expect no hate from me ever again. only respectfull disagreement and a willingness to not simply discuss but have a conversation.
    Thanks for the rep my fellow Stark/Game Of Thrones (and perhaps Sean Bean?) fan.
    Either. Perhaps an enhanced version of what he has already shown, or something completely new.

    Basically a Technique that encompasses the complete personification of Hitsugaya's power...something that will undoubtedly prove to the unbelievers that he is the King of the Clouds...the one who truly, Sits Upon The Frozen Heavens...
    I know, right? Next chapter is definitely gonna have a lot of possibilities, given the fact that it has multiple paths that it can go with.
    If you could have your choice of the Ultimate Technique from Hitsugaya with a fully mastered bankai...what would you reckon it would be?
    Well.... Glad that somebody knows what's up with this chapter.

    Not gonna lie, I was shocked with how people were reacting about OMQ. I mean, they're acting as if he's dead, and not gonna fight anybody else.

    I mean, Bazz B got taken out by Yama G earlier on, but he showed back up to fight, right? So why not OMQ?

    I mean, I thought this chap was pretty good, with underrated shinigami fighting underrated arrancar, Pepe's hilarious ability, and Hisagi turning on Byakuya.
    Hitsugaya kicking ass in this chapter, and haters cant be denying it either...

    Thanks for the rep on my sig.

    Im working on a Robert vs Rhaegar for my next one!

    Possibly Eddard vs Arthur Dayne after that.
    Id be interested on your thoughts on this match up:

    Ned Starrk & Robert Baratheon vs The Clegane Brothers
    lol, Another Hitsugaya vs Ulquiorra has popped up for a new but same old round of Espada wanking....
    your signature contains such a mysterious bunch of spoilers to me, having only just finished the first book. does robb... fuse with grey wind...? don't answer that.

    of course i knew about ned, but i thought i had a while of him left. the suspense of imprisoning him before killing him was just so conflicting.
    I missed that you Starks are hard to kill sig.

    You're excellent. Not friends? What the fuck is this blasphemy?
    I'll spark u out ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".) mon see if u show urself in belfast lad, kneecapped
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