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  • This is a drive by shooting

    I'm shooting smoke bombs of love and cheerfulness and good feelings.

    I hope your day is clouded by good luck, awesomeness and smiles.
    You still haven't applied for membership. It's about the only part of the forums I check on a regular basis.
    Holy fuckballs, LE, are you still around here somewhere? Stop by and say hello sometime!
    Ty :love Like I mentioned there's a lot going on [for us] in the FC section, more than just our thread being split. I'll try and recap a bit in e-mail later. I'm just too tired right now to go on about it anymore today.

    Have a good evening at work ~ xoxo
    I see, did you upload anything on your dA? You showed me a pic you were working on at that time but I haven't seen any progress on it. I think you could do pretty neat artwork if you put your effort into it.
    It sure did serve me well, it was my trusted friend all this time, worked wonderfully, and even its moderate size was so convenient, I could put it on my lap and draw like that.. *sniff*

    Did you get a chance to use your new one that you got to replace this graphire one?
    LE, looks like your tablet is pushing for retirement, sadly. It has served me a great deal for these years (I think around 3 years), and if not for it and for you who sent it to me, I wouldn't have become the artist that I am today. I may try to fix it, but it's been having issues for a couple of months now, or maybe I'll just give it a rest. Or I can fix it and ship it back to you if you want. I'm pretty good with electornics and such, it's just it won't look its virgin "untouchedness" lol, besides I'm pretty sure what the problem is.

    I just ordered a new Wacom Intuos4 small tablet at Bestbuy, they have it for cheaper than at the Wacom website maybe because it's compatible with Vista and not W7 (and I have a BB credit card). I can't thank you enough for the old one though. I tell my friends that there's this great gal online who sent me her tablet and they're all amazed. So, let me know what you think.


    I'm good, just living life i guess :) not much going on atm with me but my brother is about to have a baby so were all pretty excited.
    Wonder how that happened? :hurr :<3

    Finally [made the time and] figured out how to put it together after all this time - I've only been talking about it for over a year now /sigh :laugh.
    Voilà! XD

    I realized looking at it again that I had made some changes to refine it a bit after I posted it for you. For some reason, the background Cloud wouldn't behave when saving it and got all pixely especially around his neck. My .psd does not show that. Anyway, I settled for less color manip and finally got what is currently in my sig. So, I'm just adjusting it for your name and will swap that out when I'm done, in case you ever want to use it <3.
    I made you one for your birthday ~ it's on the first post of your b-day thread XD. Wanted a matching set, so made mine right after yours :pleased.
    You're the first [and best XD] that I remember :laugh. Know I must have been friendly with others since I started back in April but hmm maybe it was JJ now that I think about it and she's the one that told me about the OF fc :).

    On another note, I'm definitely getting my iPod Touch back later today so we can resume our Words match X33. Tuesday didn't work out and couldn't get it then :/.
    Felt like posting in this thread and wound up finding this post looking for my original one in the fc - this one is the more important one and is pretty nostalgic I think :<3.
    oh no really?! My memory is so fail :uwah :/. I am so lame when it comes to my iPod that I didn't realize the wifi capabilities until I'm here on vacation and my brother's gf is busy playing this game with her cousins and friends on her iPhone. So I asked her about it and she showed me how to get it etc...

    I'm with the program now though XD and it's your move now :hurr

    Heya ~ can't send e-mails for the last couple of days over here :notrust. Do you have the 'Words With Friends' app for the iPhone? I want to play you XD. I'm Belledragon as usual <3.
    :love :glomp :<3 back at ya! I'm heading over to Pogo in a bit ~ feel like playing some Mahjong :high
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