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  • lol...you're right though. I dunno, I've always look for weapon that has extra ability so that it can goes effectively with the character main advantage and goes together with the accessories.

    Speaking about Snow, I'm still not sure what weapon would be suit for him to use.
    Stupidly? why though? ^^"

    I've been using Axis Blade. It's magical to me especially equipped with Sprint Shoes and the ATB advantage item. She's so fast and can clean up foes really quick. I think I fell in love with this blade...so far that is. hahaha
    I prefer to called it more like jinx :mad

    yup the Bomb cores do wonders actually, so it's not all that bad,lol.

    I see then. I'm also on my way to finish chapter 11.

    What weapon do you use for Lighty?
    lol...2 days playing trying to get the Tiara...all I got so far was just one Tiara and one Crown and 2 x 99 Bomb cores >_> I need Gils!!! >_< So where are you now in the game?
    Have you been getting frequent item drops at Bituitus? I've got 99 bomb cores and not a single item T_T
    I still have an unfinished business with Bayonetta ass :datass

    Do transfer half of that gil to my account please :awesome lol

    Right now I'm using Light/Hope (this kid die too fast XD)/Fang (I fell in love with this bitch actually :D)

    Weapon: L: Gladius/H: Default/F: Default
    accessories still in the middle of experimenting.

    Btw, if I put on more than one of those catalog thingy, will it affect more?
    So unlucky of you though XD Lol...now I know what it is and apparently our trophies are the same.

    I need gil like ASAP, 'cause I'm still using my low level weapon since like forever. The highest is only up to lvl 6. In desperate need of gil and crazy upgrades,lol
    that's a bummer you lost your voice. Luckily you still can type,hehe. You need to take good care of yourself from now on.

    Added now. Although, I still can't figure out what does this friend do XD

    Am playing now, currently on mission 8. Are you in chapter 11 already?
    and now I'm jealous, 'cause you can take like a week off. Impossible for me to do it over here.
    It's like they throw every element of other FF games into this one :awesome

    gosh! me idiot XD Didn't see the last sentence. I end up with PS3 :D
    gosh! that looks complicated XD Alright, then I'll start doing the missions. Time to kick BKs butt!! :awesome

    Yeah sorry 'bout that. Been busy for the last few weeks or months. I stopped a while playing my PS3 in that period. But now the scenario has change,lulz. I know I still have crap load of works/assignemnts that I need to do, but I can't wait that long to play the game. So tempting <3 The game is damn gorgeous don't ya think? :awesome
    hope you still haven't go offline,hehe. Would you tell me on how you got those shoes accessories thingy?

    and what's up dude! long time no see,lol
    Oh... THOSE. Energy Sash + Accel Sash = Lucky Breaker, apparently.

    Here is a pretty comprehensive list. It says that the more accessories of the same kind that you equip to a character, the greater the "Ability Chain".

    An example is that you give Hope the Vidofnir and five Protection Amulets (whatever that is in English) - and in return you would receive a 90% bonus to the duration of your Bravery, Faith and Haste buffs on top of whatever the five Protection Amulets would give you.

    Sounds pretty neat!
    Blazefire Sabre maxes at 620/620 for Str/Mag, while the Gladius maxes out at 723/210, the Organyx maxes out at 750/750 but seems to permanently inflict Slow... So it depends on which you're more inclined for.

    As for my accessories...
    Lightning has a Brawler's Wristband Lv3 and a Power Wristband Lv5 (both giving +116 Strength combined);
    Hope has a Blessed Talisman Lv1 and a Magician's Mark Lv3 (giving Autofaith and +36 to Magic);
    Snow has a Power Wristband Lv3 and a Shield Talisman Lv1 (giving Autoprotect and Strength +36).

    As for where I live, I'm about 185 miles south of where you live (that's near London). :lmao
    The reunion!!! :iria

    And yeah, it seems like we need to rely on the Crystarium and Accessories to give us buffs and whatnot while retaining the massive attack power of the best weapons (I chose the Gladius because it has the best Strength stat out of all others short of the weapon you only get in Chapter 12, which could be considered Lightning's ultimate weapon when fully maxed out).

    I'm British and it's 2:23pm, by the way. :LOS
    I'm still on Chapter 9 myself, so you're actually further than me. :argh

    I just upgraded the Gladius to a Helter-Skelter. I had hoped it would come with a unique effect like +15% damage or something...
    yup it is and looks like this March is going to be the heaviest one...GoW, FF, White Chronicle (looks interesting :iria). Shit! I need more $$$...

    For now I only have three games (soon to be four)...they are MGS 4, Eternal Sonata, Bayonetta and Uncharted 2 soooon~~~ :iria Although there's one game that I've been dying to play which is Valkyrie Chronicle...the only thing is everywhere I go they all said "sorry kid, no stock for that"....fuck them!! *rage* then :(

    And will do add ya :amuse

    Btw, you've been busy with college?
    HAPPY NEW YEAR Yondi@L O V E L E S S!!!!! *damn! until today, I still don't know your real name :pek*

    Hopefully 2010 will bring much joyful in your life! Have fun man! Also hopefully in 2010 will bring much more wonderful games for us to play!!! XD
    hehehe...you started it :lmao Honestly I personally the theme song is a nice touch, some don't agree...too bad.

    And yes I agree as well with majority of them saying English versions are always...err not good XD Except for Hikki, that's a different case.

    Although I kinda like the Dissidia english song. It's quite nice I think :amuse
    That was exactly I learned from it :lmao They're too fast...>_>

    If they offer an MBA program over there, next I will be going to UK! Good business deal :pek

    oh wow! I wouldn't know that. Does TV types play that much of a factor too? This might change my mind though for getting 360....hmm I dunno yet..hmmmmmmmmmmmm. By the way, when is the game going to come out on 360?

    *goes check*
    Lolz yeah, watching anime did help at certain extent :lmao

    I guess you taking IT course is spot on I have seen you around the tech sub-forum ^_^ But wow though, I would like that. I come to class and I'll be getting $$$ instead :iria

    Looking better on 360? Really? :O

    I have listened to the instrumental before and it is lovely...the melody <3
    lol...in your case you have taken your break far too long already :lmao But good to hear you're going to continue with your education.

    Actually I have taken Japanese class before that was offered as part of my studying course. Unfortunately it was a short one though. I can't even applied shit what I've learned to my daily lives like playing Jap games :sad It was quite tough for me though. I only know the language during the time I took the class...lolz. Now...blergh! It's almost vanished inside my brain and mind XD

    People are still mad at Sony for their ridiculous price at the beginning of the new generation consoles war. Lol...now look at what has Sony did to them self :lmao XBOX was just doing the right thing gained the advantage from it. Since they (Sony) have released their slim version and the price is very tempting too, this is my opportunity to get one :awesome

    Fallout3 got pretty nice WOM and reviews wasn't it? My bros like that game I only watch them playing. I need to find my inner peace to like WRPG :hmpf

    I see then. I quite like MC but on the PS2 I never had the chance to finished it...I lost my fucking save!! XD *end of rant*

    Actually this is the first time I heard that college paid to you for attending their classes. I'm the other way round though. Currently I'm taking Finance major. How bout you?

    This brings back a nostalgic moment,lol. *PS1 FFgames & LoD*

    I definitely will get PS3 for sure *FF versus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* nuff said. :awesome
    Since you have both consoles, which one has the best quality? And is it true that, the FFXIII is going to have 4 CDs on the 360? :O
    HUH?? Really?? lol...all this time I thought you're already a student.

    Another "I thought" you're mastered at Japanese....hehe. Never the less, you still can play it,hmph :pek

    We over here are used having them around. So that everyday can buy new game :crazy That is why XBOX is much more popular in Malaysia. Getting PS3 is like a risky move for most people over here.

    Ooooh hackers, please unleash your talents again. Bring joy to us gamers!! especially me.

    Yup I know XBOX is getting it's own FFXIII...but I don't like it *insert bias here* lolz. And you're right about PS3 is a good investment because the exclusive only game for PS3 is coming (aaaarrgh) Oh when I mentioned RPGs, I meant JRPGs. Hence, I'm not ashame to consider that I'm a FF tard :iria

    Hmm...I didn't know about Magna Carta though. I s it a new game? Not a remake one? Yes I know about Vesperia (awesome shit! *insert Tales fan too*) XD I'm really exited they're going to release the game on PS3 too ;]

    I do not like Star Ocean...erk :XD And american games...I'm just not into them. Only a few are,heh.

    Yes, just doing college. I can't do job at the same time...my college consume or eat 90% of my time.

    Yup that's the trailer. But I found on another site. So much awesome in that magical piece :wtf
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