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  • You're absolutely right about the Taker thing. I just read a source actually that said he was no good on the mic for extended amount of time.
    Nice! I enjoy your debates and replies a lot! They are a lot of fun and shows how useful information and post construction can be when the time comes. Altought I must admit that when I do so, I tend to get a little impatient haha. :sweatdrop
    There's that one guy I responded to...just incredible. How do you read a story for almost ten years and not even register the basic fact that Kishimoto was trying to present an idealistic story, or that Naruto was meant to be considered a good guy? How does one not even, at the very least, detect that Kishimoto was trying to present moral lessons? He outright admitted this himself.

    There are people that seriously believe Kishi was trying to tell some gritty, morally ambiguous and cynical story. All that tells me is that they've never seen such a story before in their lives. Even moreso when they think it's "mature" for a shonen...I just get so amused at times by the ignorance of some folks.
    The problem is he concluded the war in a rush, I think he just got tired because honestly he only needed to serialize Naruto for another year to give more information and wrap up the existing back stories.
    Still not sure whether it will actually happen. Would be interesting to see how Kishimoto goes about his writing when he has freedom and doesn't have to worry about assistants and editors.
    There's an interview and announcment coming out soon that involves the both of them together, apparently it might be the announcement of a collaboration. Most likely true at this point. I'm pretty excited, especially if it's in a new magazine in all.
    Yeah, I already have things like a house and car sorted but I just need my career to be more full-time and set in place. Was thinking about traveling to places like Canadia and the United States even though they're basically the same as Australia except more crowded.

    You see Kishimoto is going to be teaming up with Samura (Blade Of The Immortal). Should be interesting.
    Ah yeah, so Lesnar probably won't even be around for WM then. Things should be interesting then. Do you think they will ever write Taker losing again?

    Ahh yeah, fair enough. This year is sort of the same with me too since my training is finishing up and I will be moving out of home and that's a fairly big step. Hopefully will have some friends who join me moving out. Also planning on going overseas for holidays too instead of interstate like I usually do but I'll see how that pans out later. What did you have planned?
    Ah yeah, well I hope it's a good show regardless. Surely anything will be better than the 2014 Batista win right? Not a lot of people liked that at all from what I saw. You think Lesnar will retain or lose to Cena? One of them will have it for WM but I wonder who.

    You know how it is, every year they become less meaningful. As for New Years, I don't even see the point in celebrating that.
    Any word on possible match-ups? Royal Rumble should be coming up soon shouldn't it? Do you think it's going to go to someone on the full-time or part-time roster? Keep hearing rumors it's going to be Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns.

    How was your Christmas and New Years?

    (Had to change my name to Piccolo BTW lol)
    Tag Team or US Title would be more fitting, although I think no title altogether would be better if he can just have a classic memorable match with someone at Mania.

    Yeah, I'm hearing Piper or that Hogan might finally fight Steve Austin but he's denying it apparently. I just wonder who Taker and Hogan will have at Mania. I think this will be Taker's last mania.
    Yeah, I read an article and they believe that he's going to be training for one last title reign and then retire for good since he wants to end his wrestling days in WWE. His body doesn't look the greatest right now and it never really was the best physique so yeah aging isn't helping on top of that.

    Regardless of what it is, I hope it's memorable since this is it. I think an old rivalry revisited or just a good Mania match would be better than obtaining the title now that I think about it.
    That's pretty interesting. How do you think the whole Hogan thing is going to play out and who could he possibly be matched with? I wouldn't say he's going to be doing a lot of matches. Just in time for next years WM also. Do you think he will win it at Mania or beforehand?

    Don't think he'll end completely on losing it on Mania, but then again I don't think he will have the title for long afterwards anyways.
    Ken Shamrock was a great athlete, he competed well in and outside of the WWE. I don't think because of physique WWE superstars can transition well as athletes out of it into WWE. Like you said too, his injuries and age it's a bit too late to be competing there.

    Yeah, have you read Shane's interview / article on Buzzfeed? It's a pretty good and enjoyable read especially if you want to know Shane a bit better and how he's doing post WWE.

    What's this thing about Hogan training? He looking at the title again.
    No problem, all good. Think I've been held up a few times and have taken longer to respond anyways.

    Yeah I saw the news of him joining UFC, that's a pretty big move. Lesnar joining UFC wasn't too strange since he was already pretty athletic and had a pretty good physique. Punk on the other hand, it's going to be interesting seeing how he goes over there with that style and competition. Personally I don't have high expectations for him so far. Remember Ken Shamrock?

    Yeah, The Shane McMahon article and interview posted this year was a great read. I think it would be really nice seeing him take over the WWE since he talked about starting from the very bottom of the business. Now though, sounds like he's raking in all the big dollars in China. He had some great matches too, there was a nice and beautiful moment that happened after the Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle match where everyone came out back stage and cheered and applauded both of them. Not much like that has ever happened before apparently.
    Yeah, it's like any sport basically. You can't just keep constantly playing your most experienced players and super stars all the time to be safe. You need to make some risks, take people out and try and develop young talent. Imagine all the boats of super stars that they have missed by now that could of been Cena like today.

    Yeah, Punk has no reason to lie to since he's completely over that stage in his life. People were trying to doubt his words at the beginning, but given the stuff with the lawyers and his money that pretty much confirmed it all from the start.

    Yeah been reading, Hunter is furious by the sounds of it. If people from the past and present who are apart of the industry are taking his side it's not good. Punk got pretty bad treatment and it was all for the industry's own gain with no reward to him.

    Sounds like people are really wanting Shane to come back and take over after Vince, it's a shame he left. Shane is a very smart man and was a great performer and asset to the business in my opinion. I would be very happy if he could be Vince's successor. Sounds like Hunter and Stephanie have more say than Vince at the moment.

    Yeah, his Hell In A Cell and Buried Alive match against Undertaker. That guy is someone who really put his life on the line for the fans. Him verse Orton a few WrestleMania's back was a great match too.
    Yeah it's a good and bad thing that he gets treated like that, WWE should really look after and try and develop younger talent more and give them better exposure since it's better for them. It makes you think they're too scared to take risks given how some superstars are treated and how they bring in part timers all the time.

    I wonder what's going to happen, anymore word from WWE on the situation? And do you know why people have been saying: "Shane knew" ? I wouldn't know but it sounds interesting.

    I watched the SS where he was fighting for SmackDown and saw the part where he called out the entire RAW roster all by himself. He may have been a bit arrogant but he was awesome and standout at times. Ashame his partner didn't stay in the business during that time.

    Also, favorite Foley persona? I have to go with Mankind.
    I don't really like how the top dogs basically played favorites. Imagine if someone like Cena walked out on the industry today. All I know is that this podcast is getting a lot of exposure, seeing it on all the major new outlets. WWE being put under the spotlight hard, specifically the doctors and head honchos.

    Yeah, Punk just put his body on the line for the business in hopes it would all pay off. Pretty sad, can't get over all his ideas though. Imagine if he died, WWE would of been exposed harder by the people he talked to.

    Re-watching some Survivor Series at the moment. Bradshaw was a beast before he adopted his new persona JBL. He's one wrestler I always enjoyed watching.
    Yeah, don't know what to really think. I really like Hunter and Vince but after hearing that I'm pretty blown away. It sucks how he said they always kept saying they worked as a family and everyone was all together going forward but really it's what they tried to say but wasn't how it was at all.

    They should be all equal and help progress and change things, it's sickening how CM Punk came up with a lot of things and good ideas that were either not implemented or he got no credit for and was never apart of.

    Just thankful he didn't die from that thing on his back.
    Holy shit dude, that was a crazy listen. Don't even know what to say, just an inside in how corrupt an industry can be on the inside. Feel sorry for CM Punk how he was handled but at least he's better now and doing comics. That's pretty cool.
    He was amazing from his look to his style, it's a huge shame about Owen. Owen had great potential in my opinion, it's such a shame he lost his life pretty early. Such a freak accident and can't believe he died in the ring. At least he died doing what he loved. At least he died among people considered legends today that night.

    Yeah, WWE is so great to watch in it's earlier years just seeing all the legends who helped pave and build the empire we have today. I need to get WWE Network. How much is it again? I might it on my PS3/4. I think it came out on it I'm not sure, I think I saw it advertised on there.

    Going to listen to it now. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done and thoughts. CM Punk was awesome, great performer and made a real mark with his name.

    Yeah man, it's just flatout painful now thinking and talking about AC. It's that diluted now.

    I was so surprised when I got Melee and saw Ness was in it, I couldn't believe it. I didn't really go on the internet much then so I didn't really keep up with the roster announcements and such but seeing him in from Earthbound was awesome. He was someone else I used to smash. Literally.
    Yeah when I mentioned his Hart match-ups, I went through a phase where he was my favorite wrestler (I had a lot of them) and I went back and basically watched all of his pay per view matches from his debut and the few weekly show fights that I could find online. He was just a competitive beast from the get go.

    Any specific year that was your favorite? I liked Benoit's Rumble win, it's ashame what happened with him though but I think his was one of the greatest of all time.

    They honestly need to, I think they've butchered a majority of their fan base and even if they make a new setting going to be hard to be a massive hit among non casual gamers.

    Link? Sweet. I used to play Sheik and Zelda quite a bit on the previous titles, Link was fun but didn't play him that much. Is Ness in Smash Wii U?
    Yeah, just from what I've seen and heard he seems to be a pretty respectable athlete. HBK's athletic ability is pretty amazing especially for his age and how consistently young he looked in all his performances. I remember the first WM I watched live was 16 I think and he versed Steve Austin. 10 years later his at another WM main event and still going the same. My favorite matches from him would have to do be the Triple Threat against Benoit and Triple H, him and Angle at 21 and when he used to take on the Harts.

    That SS was crazy and definitely had the best 5on5 Elimination Match, but I think SS 2003 was probably my overall favorite. What's your favorite pay-per view? I'd need to think about mine.

    Yeah, Europe is just too boring now and that butchered the whole atmosphere and setting of those places 8 games in now. They need to make a game like you said in China or Japan. Get to see some actual Ninja's haha. That would be fine.

    Damn, can't wait until I get it. Who are your mains and who's the popular characters on the new one? I used to play Fox, Samus and Game & Watch.
    I missed Dolph Ziggler and I'm pretty sure he came into the business as I stopped watching but man all I hear is good things about the dude. Sounds like no one hates him and I even heard people complaining they didn't let him win the Rumble or give him more opportunities. HBK:2014 Edition? What's that referring too, I wouldn't know / remember.

    When I heard about it I thought about WWF vs WCW Survivor Series when The Rock was the last one left against 2/3 people and then Kurt Angle came and turned on WCW for The Rock to win. That was crazy, I remember watching that shit live dude.

    Yeah, I don't think I've never played a series that has a yearly schedule since I agree, I can't keep up or stay interested playing the same shit over and over again. Especially when there's no effort or innovation involved whatsoever.

    I think during Christmas holidays I definitely will have to go and pick up a Wii U. I just feel so out of the void because of it haha and this it the first Smash game since the first one that I haven't gotten on release.
    Yeah dude, I've been reading up and it seems they're good at what they do. Definitely sound more impactful on the industry than Evolution were especially considering how fast they picked up things. Evolution felt dominant on RAW but seems like these guys have the whole industry under their fingers or even back then.

    Duuude, I missed Survivor Series but I was checking out the Squared Circle Subreddit for WWE and people were going off. It sounds like it was absolutely crazy and people are saying it's one of the best SS to date and this whole year has been crazy. I heard about Dolph Ziggler, sounds like he single handedly carried Team Cena even though Show turned on him. He seems to be really popular among the fans Dolph Ziggler.

    Sting returning? TO WWE? Now that's pretty crazy even I must say.

    When AC decided to have a yearly schedule that's when I stopped playing. Like seriously, I thought the first one was amazing and I was so amazed when it first come out with that generation. The second one was great too and probably the best although when I picked up Brotherhood I couldn't play it for more than an hour before dropping it. Now they're like 10 titles in.... Way to kill a series that could of been respectable and have a good run. They honestly need to take a note out of Rockstar's book or even Naughty Dog with Uncharted. Everyone needs to by the looks of it lmao.

    Yeah, I've fallen so behind with all these new releases since I'm busy. Have a lot to catch up on. I heard the new Smash is great, how are you finding it?

    You watch any TV series?
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