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  • A lot of the newer people here just don't have that much interesting to say and they haven't matured with the rest of us so it's just tiresome to talk to them. Many of them think they're so unique and out there for being typical liberals or conservatives. I see them posting things and the like and I usually ignore them.
    Well it's getting harder to do these days the internet, because it's populated with so many people has become less social by percentage. Used to be that you could talk to who ever you could find because they were the same way and there was little to no chance of them being nearby or someone you knew so you didn't look for that. With the way facebook and myspace took off there are people who only want to talk to people they know, who text instead of IM and who couldn't be bothered with chat rooms or anything like that. Plus there's little drive for places like this to get the kind of members they did back before all of this took off. I have joined other forums since joining here but I doubt I could ever be as active as I was here at one point.
    I thought you might have been off working or doing something, but typically people vanish around here because this place is kind of shitty and starts to wear on you. I know it's done that to me so I can pretty come and go as I please now without missing the place. What dragged you back here? Space Cowboy has basically vanished, as has Jello.
    I have been out since like 2 PM so I haven't been commenting in the thread. I have decorations to do tomorrow and then I have a date Friday so I have a lot of shit to finish up.

    Where have you been all this time.
    Did they ignore you? I didn't really stick around to see what they replied with, but yeah I did miss you. Sorry I wasn't there to say anything.
    Well, Either you should reconsider your position and give it more thought. That is if you are not the comical genius I believe you are.
    I'd like an apology to your rudeness towards me. Saying I "decided to piss off everyone" when not only it is untrue but also a judgement of my character. That's what I would call "to be out of li.. Oh wait that was the joke.

    Haha. u funny.
    A cistern? Damn. That's old-schooly. Well, lemme know how that works out.

    And you are correct. I was skeptical at first, too, but Magic Erasers(tm) really ARE magic. They cost more than regular sponges but that's probably because they are made from unicorn tears and goddamn pixie wings. They represent a quantum leap in domestic maintenance. :)
    Good luck with your move. Moving is a major pain in the ass so I hope it goes smoothly for you.
    Um, thanks.

    I'm probably overreacting. I just worry 'cause Pilaf is sensitive and I'm oblivious and say stupid stuff all the time. I hope I didn't accidentally hurt his feelings. I tend to do that to many people.

    I know he mentioned new hours at work. Most likely he's really tired. However, I just wanna make sure. I'm ridiculously insecure.

    PS: you don't still hate me, right? I mean, I am annoying, but I don't really mean it. It's just my personality.
    I think Pilaf is mad at me. He won't talk to me or answer my PMs.

    You're friends, right? I was wondering you could try to find out why....
    My main problem with my doctors is that I'm young so they kind of refuse to give me effective medications. Like "Sweetie you're too young; the side effects are bad..." So basically they expect me to pop painkillers [the non addictive NSAID kind] and just deal with it.

    Lifestyle wise I'm somewhat healthy. I use to enjoy running before I got sick. I take a lot of vitamins/supplements and try my best homeopathic wise, but it's difficult because even on my best days I still feel frail and weak. That's what I hate the most; always feeling weak. (I develop anemia at the drop of a hat so most of my supplements are for maintaining a decent red blood cell count)

    I wouldn't get too angry with your mother. I can see why she doesn't want to change some aspects of her lifestyle. It's very frustrating. "All this work, little improvement" - for awhile I was expecting miracles or cures too. The pharmaceutical industry needs to stop printing pamphlets full of lies.

    Honestly, your mother's doctors kind of sound like quacks. Like, did they tell her the medicine will cure her? No wonder she's frustrated! My rheumatologist is very down to Earth - she explained there's no complete cures but medicines to help improve quality of life. She also recommends supplements and physical therapy.
    How long has your Mom suffered from Lupus?

    I've only been sick for about three years and I'm already fed up with the treatment options. Right now I'm doing injections that weaken my immune system and possibly cause a whole bunch of other health issues - yet they're barely working. My doctor is really hesitant about giving me anything strong because I'm young and the side effects are awful.

    So I wouldn't be too hard on her about not being proactive enough. A lot of accepted treatments sound worse than the illness. (For example, Methotrexate is also used as an aborticide. Prednisone causes Diabetes)

    You're a massage therapist, right? Have you recommended to her any homeopathic treatments, like vitamins?
    I was responding to Pilaf where I saw you mentioned your Mom has Lupus/Autoimmune issues.

    I hope she's okay and that the doctors can quickly find her an effective treatment plan.

    I have a high ANA titer myself and I remember being really frustrated and scared when first diagnosed. Autoimmune diseases are tricky to diagnose and even more tricky to manage. However, they are manageable, it just takes time.

    Also, does she live in Alaska with you? I'm in NYC the cold weather definitely triggers flares (my arthritis is systematic, so it's similar to Lupus when it comes to flaring). It's supposed to SNOW tomorrow and I already feel it in my joints. When the spring/warm weather comes, she should start to feel a bit better.
    I spent about 16 months in Aruba and the last couple of months in NY. There's a pretty noticeable difference in the lifestyle and general culture.
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