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  • Nice major. I figured it might be something do do with social interaction given you're handling yourself well already as a guardian. Totally opposite of me XD
    When did you guys start living by yourself? Because this is a right young age to be doing so, most impressive. I'm 21 myself and trying to get into university .... again... because of some circumstances...part of a long story for some other time.

    I love life without parental control myself. I've managed myself better like that than otherwise. I hope your "kids" support you and appreciate what you do.

    What do you do for your side business?
    No wonder you're busy...
    You're pretty strong for doing what you say you are. Certainly makes me want to help you...somehow.
    What age are the kids?
    Also, what major are you pursuing?
    semester....that means university?

    I wish I could home school too. Sadly in the line I'm in there's no good from that.
    It's ok, I didn't mean it to be harsh.

    I hope busy isn't bad busy. You in school right?
    hey next time you're on, you should check out the chatterbox convo thread :3

    you could meet some of my friends
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