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  • Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate that. Then you're pretty young and good on your own, from what I see. Assuming you're gonna die when you're approximately 80 you have a bright future of your own (that's only if 21-12-2012 doesn't happen:LOS).

    I'm considering to do mathematics and physics, but I don't know what I'll be able to do with it :/.
    Not to mention a lot of people out there are pretty 'a-social'. Which is also a huge drawback imo.

    Math is like a hobby to me, whatever I do, I won't slack off I promise :D.

    What happened? How are you paying the bill for it and what did you study?
    My parents got me the whiteboard, they were mad cause I was drawing on the windows:lmao

    What school you in, how old are you btw?
    Im in my last year of hs, 17
    Well i could only see one positive and one negative on my rep list, must be some kind of a bug^^
    Yeah i noticed it was a joke, i didnt neg you too mate;) the thread got locked or some stuffs like that.
    Lol Ok I guess :maybe

    I guess proving some wrong on the interwebz validates your shallow existence eh ?


    and no I'm not wrong and I don't give a flying fuck about you or the other low life maggotts

    about the neg,lol it was shit,collectively I didn't even lose 300 points,LOl like you can touch my 150k

    just for the record I've been deleting all the posts on my wall,as I don't need filt on my wall

    deuces mang and have a nice day

    do you se how kind I am,I wish the best even to my enemies
    if you were as mature as you try to look like you would not care about negs in a forum. I thought interwebz isnt so serious?! didnt you just say that?

    you just embarass yourself more with every post. It`s obvious you had no idea what you were talking about and that you were not "trolling" in any way.
    I do not buy your excuses.
    Lol oK I guess so :maybe

    Lol calculus what is that shit,I don't even remember stuff I did aeons ago

    anyways my insults were just to retaliate random scrubs who can't take a piss without getting their shoulders wet

    if there was only a tad bit more maturity,the negs could be avoided,and all of this in the process

    anyways,this are just irrelevant trivialities,like I care enough to be debating seriously on the interwebz

    LOL :rotfl

    half of the time I post I'm or wasted,or stoned lol
    If there's one thing that rustle mi jimmies is kids puting shit I didn't say in the 1st place

    I came in that thread posting my opinion and then got negged for that

    Now tell me where the fuck did I insult anyone,it's some moron who negged me that started shit

    As a matter of fact if only that person was a tas bit more mature and you also,you would've avoided negging someone

    anyways IGAF anymore you guys are polluting my wall
    I just checked,and lol neg,you didn't even remove 50 points

    tough when I'm not 24'd I'm getting back at you
    whatever,but let me ask you one thing did you neg me? :del

    Just in case I wanna know
    Haha, you noticed the post on the 0.999 = 1 thread way before I did.

    Just felt like I had to notice :)
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