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Jon Snow
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  • So, how do you feel Kiwami is compared to 0 ?
    Jon Snow
    Jon Snow
    I do feel Kiwami 1's story was elevated due to Zero though, especially in relation to certain characters. But Majima I felt they could've handled differently. 0 Majima is just too good.

    Can't really rank'em, but 0 probably stands out as it was my first. But Kiwami 2 is right up there. Still on a break before heading into 3
    Jon Snow
    Jon Snow
    How is the veteran outlook?
    Kiwami IMO, is better than the original in about everything. Especially since it had such a terrible english dub. Not only did it fixed a lot of gameplay problems from the first, but added quite a bit of story regarding Nishiki.
    Kiwami is inferior to 0, but so is the first game. No amount of remake or ajustements would have made Kiwami better than 0.
    Judging from your username, is it safe to presume that you are a fan of A Song if Ice and Fire?
    Jon Snow
    Jon Snow
    Hah guess you could say that. But in all honesty I've lost the spark I once had for the books. I blame the show for that
    I am following the books, but not the television series, so I am eagerly awaiting the sixth book, The Winds of Winter.
    Jon Snow
    Jon Snow
    Do youself a favor and don't start the show. If you have expectations (like I did) you'll just end up disappointed as it creates its own canon as the story progresses. Not to mention that they kinda shoe-horn in canon elements told to them by GRRM. It's really obvious too because some of those plot points are too good to be original content. Steer clear of spoilers
    A hundred points? Seriously FUUUUUUUUU if only i knew. How did you even catch up? My season imploded when all the "big" guys weren't performing this season. Completely ruined any momentum starting from game week 1, horrendous season. Next season for sure Kenny, you're going to lose without a doubt
    Come on, I can't keep on losing to you man :cry who is in your team? I'm screwed if they even play its 4 points already :(
    Yeah man, i never had the vibe about Ocelot like i got form the previous MGS games, he didnt felt like Ocelot at all.
    Gameplay was superb really, loved the freedom and its fun.
    Man, i after the awesome mission 43 we get the fucking troll ass 46 which tells you " hey dude, you have been playing with some random medic all the time, sorry for not making the real big boss evil and fuck you"

    Well, at least we still got MGO when it comes out for PC , you console guys already got it !.

    That mission 51 being cut literally leaves with an incomplete story.... what a mess.
    Calm the fuck down Kenny :catroll I'm fucking with you. Gunners not so much though
    Oh ok, if i have time for longer sometime in the upcoming weeks ill let you know,maybe im lucky and catch you online, then we can talk a lil... that slow deep nordic voice

    Oslo is very expensive afaik? Are you living alone or? I think ive overheard oslo being one of the most expensive cities, but also that as norwegian it's rather financially save in case you have to look for a job first, meaning youre insured by the state in troublesome times, its the same here as well.

    Is there something youd like to pursue? School kills it yeah.... as it is right now i have to do the university entry exam...the part that requires me to do actual university subjects, research and study there is insanely fun, its more about gaining knowledge and understanding things while the schooling part of it is just so dry and annoying, i hate it. maths etc. ugh :uwah

    Yes that's true, we were split up for some time, it wasnt about the love but more like...for a solid future there was just a lot of growing up to do, i.e playing around less and working more towards a future, i used to have way too much time on my hands and didnt do anything with it, which i now do!

    I plan on going through europe because due to studying i cant go to malaysia often, so my little trips will just be around the "area" :lmao. ive hit Iceland a few months back, Berlin in October, Oslo is definitely a destination as well, and ill let you know as soon as I get there!
    Well, Im mostly absend on skype, so in case you quickly appear and disappear sometimes chances are low id be able to catch it. We should catch up sometime, when is your usual online time when youre not working? Im not downstairs anymore, its either outside or in university, @downstairs is very rare, sadly, was a fun time in the office , which wasnt really an office, just downstairs xD

    So you moved to oslo and started working there? Are you still doing your studies as well on the side? Good to hear youre doing well tho.

    With me its still the same old, still planning for a future with my lady, actually managed to get my ass up to study and working besides. We're getting old
    Not much man! How about you, barely see you active anywhere anymore well to be fair im a lil bit of a basement kid nowadays, very little time for anything at all. How are you bro, what's new
    Holy shiet..are you the same Jon Snow on popzone?
    Bare lurte om du kunne v?re interessert i det, selv om du sa du hadde tenkt ? kanskje ta andre studier.

    Vi fikk nordlys siste uke, ka med dokker?
    Ja ? gj?r det av og til :LOS

    ? lure p? om det ikke finns en folkeh?gskole som har japansk som fokus (vet det finns for kinesisk), kunne du ha tenkt ? informere deg om det?
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