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  • Cool, you wear yellow panties? Do they even sell those? They're a pretty rare color. What type of panty were you wearing hon? Cotton, G-string, Thong?

    if you did, congrats. if you didn't, i hope you'll find someone, one day
    wolf guy is by the same people who made akumetsu. the style or art and all.

    find someone special to you yet?
    started reading this or akumetsu?

    and i'd never spoil anything for you.
    oh i know. you read akumetsu right? that's the only reason why i know about and probably love this manga.
    Yeah I know, I wasn't really expecting it.
    Oh same I am from south too :)
    Really? Wowie, first one I met.
    Where abouts you from? Like North/South?
    I suppose, but mainly from America, England where I am from, theres barely any :(
    Oh I'm cool with that.
    This is sure some depressing chat, Lets move on quickly before we slit our thrists or something, O_o
    So anime fan who is a girl, that is pretty amaze!
    either way it's always good to hear they are alright.

    and it's always great to hear the same about you
    Do I?
    Well I'm really not, 18 year old, in on a saturday night....
    I think my little brother goes out more than I do >_>
    Well I think its now clear that you're definitely a anime fan, Lol!!
    Yeah but I dunno why I am saying that like I am not one Lol.
    that's good to hear.

    one of the last times i heard about them, they had to go to the hospital or were sick?
    Super lazy, I like it, quite original, Lol.
    You don't get a lot of super these days Lol!
    Point taken.
    Yeah same with me....
    But I cant actually be arsed to go out though...
    I'm serious about you. :love

    Just chatting with you before going to work a little later.
    Lol, ^^
    Thats good.
    Going okay, Not much happening really, which is quite depressing for a saturday night, but meh.
    Going out tonight or anything?
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