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  • No problem! Though, some things you said weren't correct, but I don't know how to help fix things without people being hurt again.

    I'm doing well thanx for asking. Well August hasn't been well for me here and I left the forum for a whole month. But can I tell you about that on PM? I'm just not happy with myself not going to see Immortal Tour in Toronto this year and I wanted to try again next year for Montreal, but I refuse to anywhere near Montreal due to personal reason.
    It's okay. I've gotten less active on NF too because of schoolwork and college applications. Both can be very stressful and time-consuming. >_<

    If you're only fifteen, then that should mean that you'll have plenty of time to try them both out. I hope you find which one you like! :)

    I'm sort of doing the same thing lately. Half my posts are welcomes in the SS or Sakura FC, and most of the other half are related to my shop in some way.

    Yes, I am a Sakura fan. She's one of my favorite characters (along with Sasuke, Haku, Hinata, Itachi, Naruto... I have a lot of favorites).

    Hope to see you around too!
    I do post it, only thing stopping me is that Damleg, the creator, hasn't posted any new pages in Spanish for me to translate.
    Ooops forgot about my writing! I basically either write fiction, or personal stuff about things I'm going through. I don't think about plot too much so usually its just about feelings, and it makes it hard for me to construct a story and yeah... ^^;;
    Thanks :) There's already the first five chapters on Fanfiction.net (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6884323/1/Fearless)

    I always used to just doodle, but after getting on the internet artists inspired me to work harder on my art XD I don't think I'll be going to art school or anything, but its a really fun hobbie.

    Oh man, I have a terrible time with description too >.> Don't worry you're not alone.

    Animes I enjoy? My favorites are Princess Tutu (really sweet and a great story), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (badass & heartwarming), Baccano! (tons of fun), Tiger & bunny (again, fun!), AnoHana (really touching and makes me cry)... and that's all I can think of now XD

    Naruto definitely isn't too great about now. It made me an anime fan... but compared to others its just too long and dragged out. The only reason I still can enjoy it at times is because of the characters (specifically Hinata and Naruto)

    Tumblr is basically this : "Tumblelogs are miniblogs — a fast way to share links, photos, and videos without the bells and whistles of a regular blog.
    Unlike blogs, tumblelogs are frequently used to share the author's creations, discoveries, or experiences while providing little or no commentary.
    If blogs are journals, tumblr is a scrapbook."

    Its really neat because you can find a lot of people inot the same things as you by searching a certain tag. So like, I can search "naruhina" on tumblr and will find all the posts about naruhina on tumblr sorted from newest to oldest.

    Its very socially integrated and you can make a lot of friends and express your opinions and such ^u^ I love it! (my tumblr is here: britata348.tumblr.com)
    It's okay. How have you been Hinastarr? :hug

    You're right, I'm a senior now, which in turn means that I'm pretty stressed with school and college applications now. I'm thinking of pursuing a career in biology, though I'm not yet sure what subfield or what specific career.

    I feel bad since you remembered my age, but how old are you now? I ask because I want to say that if you're old enough, you should try taking some classes that could lead you to a counseling career and some that could lead to nursing. Not enough to be pursuing degrees in both careers, but taking a class or two in each field would let you get a feel for both of them and see if your mom is right or if you still think that you want to be a counselor.

    I don't want to sound rude, but I'm still not "interested" in Naruto again even after the last chapter--at least, not in the same way that I was when I first joined this site. I was interested enough to catch up on the past few weeks' worth of chapters though, and I find myself actually looking forward to the next one a bit. A lot of older members also seem to be half-following the series. They're not interested enough to post on a regular week, but when something happens they're still around enough to comment.

    Well, even if you don't post often, I'll look forward to seeing you around.

    Honestly, despite the fact that my current signature has a gif in it, I'm not sure how to make them. Sorry. :sweat I made this one by taking screencaps, layering them together, and selecting .gif as the file type in Photoshop. That method probably wouldn't work for most gifs though, since the section of video that I used was exceptionally slow-moving.
    Hey Hinastarr :) Good to see you back! Thanks, its also wierd without Gabz, but I'm glad I can keep the FC going in her place.

    Yeah, right now I'm writing an NH fic, but have gotten into a big case of writers block ^^;; And I'm an aspiring artist :3 although usually I'm wary of actually uploading my art.
    I don't really post on livejournal anymore, but I do spend a lot of time on Tumblr which is awesome!

    I'm glad your getting into art too! You should def post some if any is Naruto related. Hope you're doing well too :hug
    No, I'm glad to talk to you Hinastarr. How have you been? :hug Things have been going well for me. Summer is winding down though, which means that I've got school again soon. It can be fun in its own way, but it also means that I can't stay up until the wee hours of the morning anymore and spend the day doing whatever I please.

    No, I actually (sadly) agree with your view on the recent manga. I haven't been paying as much attention to it as I used to either. NaruHina hasn't had any new developments in a while either. Oh well; I share your hopes, and I hope that you're having a better time off this site than you seemed to be having when you were active here.
    We don't ever delete accounts. At least we haven't for years, sorry. If you want to speak about some other options, please make an SCR thread and we'll talk there.
    Great! I will add it to the fanfic category.

    No, I won´t participate since I can´t draw something worthy of it nor write a good fic to save my life. ^_^;; I like it better when all of the members take part of it to be honest.
    Hinastarr, I will let you know that you only have till Friday (and some of Saturday) to submit your entry to the FC. The link you posted last week did not worked and I can´t let you inside the contest if your link is not fixed so that we can all view your entry.
    So what'd you think about NS jumping to conclusions that NS is canon because of what Kushina said
    Well you do deserve the rep for writing the posts. Not that what rep i give gives much as i believ it works on a percentage of the givers rep ;) I always enjoy reading your posts, you can tell you put a lot of effort into them, and i appreciate that =)

    Yep, thirty I am, although mentally i don't feel any older than about 18 heh ;)

    As for my lack of friends thats probably because most people don't actually read anything i post lol. But that's often the case in the larger forums, too many people, too much postage ;)

    ironically enough the one i do have is not a NaruHina fan, but i'm working on converting him via fanfic ;)

    Anyway, continue to write your awesome long ass posts and i'll continue to read them ;)
    Hey, happy belated bördey (as we pronounce it in germany ;) Romantics are the most sophisticated and emotionally intelligent beeings, so rock on ;D
    And here we have Anti-NaruHina that claim that Hinata doesn't love Naruto apparently... :facepalm I don't like the idea of Hinata fighting Sakura to prove her love for the blond shinobi...mainly because there's no reason for Hinata to fight her in the first place. Sakura has no romantic intent for Naruto, after all. :zaru :lmao
    XD Yeah i love my name i use that name everywhere

    I Love NaruHina it's my favorite Pairing
    heh no worries :naruko
    I've never had any qualms with you, and your posts are always awesome. :33
    It's okay. :hug

    I always get that response when I say what my age is. I don't mind though; I find it flattering. I read a lot, which I guess explains my vocabulary.

    No, I'm a girl. People just call me bro sometimes; I'm not sure why. I agree that genders can be hard to tell over the Internet.
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