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  • ;___________; Really

    Also the placement of your car is WOAH WAIT living room, that's a bad place but then again if it allows us to also watch the Haku fight, it's totally alright
    Hell I'd crash my car in my living room for that reason, if only I didn't live on like the second floor of this building

    It makes things slightly more difficult but, not impossible

    Oh yes a dude gave me links to re-done episodes of Naruto, that don't have filler (even tho filler gives us more Naruto to love), if you're interested I can try and find them again
    I think they were called Yellow Flash subs or something
    Thanks. I just want to make sure they are no malwares. That's all. I don't mind just deleting those files periodically if that's the case.
    Was I floating :wtf Did you laugh at the floating Naruto
    Tell me you did or I won't go to sleep tonight
    Are you an admin? If so, would you gel resolve a technical issue I have with NF?
    Once I responded to a fanclub owner "done" after she asked me to remove something and she took it as me being mad rather then "It is done it has been removed".

    It would be very difficult to let anyone get close to you when the one who you loved and trusted most murdered your entire family and made you watch, then told you how unloved and worthless you are and you wont amount to anything unless you kill the person you are closest to. That will fuck you up, especially at the young age of 8 (7?).

    Look at young Sasuke. He was sweet and shy (and cute). You can see him blush when Sakura introduces herself (to show his character as shy). With what Sasuke was handed by the world, he has almost no choice but to isolate himself in part 1 and to seek power in part 2.

    Now that we know more of what is going on, Sasuke is completely right in planing to destroy/burn the twisted/antiquated system that destroyed his entire family.

    Avenger is not bullshit when you think of how he is avenging his loved ones. He is bringing peace to their unrested souls and bringing a murderer (or the system hopefully) to justice.

    If I was an Uchiha I would be so thankful to have someone like Sasuke fighting for me, for what is left is nothing but a memory and he holds tight to that, even if he is only thinking of one (his brother).
    O my gosh! I'm so sorry. :glomp

    I can't recall anything that made me mad at you. Sometimes I am straightforward. Sometimes I am direct.

    It's really hard to appear yourself when all people can see from you is text on the screen instead of your voice and face.

    Perhaps I was :craby perhaps I was :tldr perhaps I was just :cute lazy.
    The holy naruto trinity. Sakura would never do that to her hair, and I thought Sasuke was Japanese, or at least half-Japanese, not black.
    Aww, then I shall have to eat enough sugar for both of us.
    Yeah, while I do try to read various manga every so often still, it is really the people I got to know here that keep me coming back.

    I still have some Easter candy. I can pretend to share with you. That totally counts as food.

    Might want to check out Onepunch-Man. I highly recommend it.

    Today I get to stay home since flu. Yay.

    My wife and I have an official swingers club card. So as long as she likes you as well there shouldn't be a problem.
    Tell you what, how about you, my wife, and I form a threesome.

    What anime have you been into lately? Or is it that you just missed posting on NF.
    I shall add you to Skype as soon as I am able.

    I've been extremely busy. Not that long ago starting working at a different company that is farther away from home. A drive that I think is managing to slowly kill me. And you know, married life + kid and all that stuff going on, too. This past Easter was the baby's first.

    How are you?

    Nice to see you outside of the confines of Facebook. :amuse
    And hey, if you left on your own accord I don't see why you couldn't come back. I'd never mind having you in there, recently a Smod that had left since ages ago came back and was immediately given his powers, Watatsumi (sp?). I doubt anyone else would hate to see you too. Tho, what happened really? Was it really that bad? :( WHO HURT MY HARLEY
    Yeah yesterday was a damned busy day :uwah Sorry, wanted to chat it up but I had like a million tabs open haha

    So so, how have you been? Hope you haven't gotten shit from someone here or I'll have to... Fix them :mad:mad:mad
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