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  • Where did you go Half?
    Some places that were beautiful. Some places where I never should have gone. Some places that we all must go.

    Putting the pretentiousness aside for a moment, I did a ton of traveling, accidentally ended up with a career, dealt with some deaths, etc etc. Started to miss NF and the people (well, mostly just the people who used to comment regularly in the SL Convo thread) when I finally finished Bleach this past week.
    and if i should fall, water will pour down from the skies
    weep for me
    for i
    So some friends were chatting at me about drift compatibility today and I ended up investing too much thought in it.

    I know it's been way too long since we last hung out, but you know what, you're still one of the people I respect most in the world. You're a great person and one day in this future there's a hug and a high five from me awaiting.

    Best wishes from me, catch you around sometime (I'm on skype all the time)
    Well, hello there.

    I missed your continent during my travels, but I'm starting to rethink my trip to Greece next year, if there are hugs and high fives involved. Assuming, of course, they are still available.

    Also, I would not decline a slice of one of your mom's cakes.
    Taurus Versant
    Taurus Versant
    now Bya just mentioned to me on twitter today you'd appeared once more, it's joyous to hear from you again after so long!

    Do you have a twitter or discord or anything to catch up on? It'd be great to talk again!
    Ah. They're quite the popular Russian-English translators of literature. I've yet to read their translation of War and Peace. Want to read Oxford's revised Maude translation before that.

    Myself, 2013 is a. . . less than positive year. Continuing, and yet to be resolved.
    I agree with you, I was not intending to make it seem that the Indian's were culturally inferior or less than human. I too have studied Native American history, and I also got to spend time an a Dakota reservation, but sadly that was in middle school and I can't remember all the details, I do remember how awesome it was to see cultural artifacts and eat the various foods.
    Well admittedly it was bad, but it had its own charms and was sadly like a lot of the early alien movies of the early 50s :lmao
    I'm getting a BS in Biology and Chemistry. Haha all the life sciences but physics. Hate it. ; P What did you graduate with? Traveling sounds fun! Im jealous. . . There Re so many places I have yet to visit. . .or visited as a kid but have no memories of. ><

    Its good to get all your traveling and such done before you get tied down with life. Is that the plan?

    And im from good old New england haha. Was born in the mid Atlantic. What about you? :33

    Also I apologize for all the typos. Typing on phone as I car ride xD
    It's a shame really. You seemed way too awesome not to talk to. ;-;

    Technically am advising. . . mostly helping the little ones. ;P Some days I still do stuff though. . .it's mostly busy work though if you know what I mean. . .

    I'm alright. Graduating from my undergraduate studies in May. . .so that's exciting and stressful at the same time. >< My last semester isn't a heavy load, but I'm spending a lot of in research lab acting like a quasi-grad student.

    How about you? How are you? I feel like I should know more about. . but unfortunately don't.
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