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  • Yup, Sophie is awesome. :lmao

    The Mirror of Fate trailer, Square's tech demo, Resident Evil 6 gameplay trailer, and the ACIII trailers are the ones that impressed me the most during this year's E3. What about you?
    Beaching (Don't do) and walking (Sometimes) and clubs (Boring) so I just chill with friends and play games (yay) and work =(
    Ah, I think I know who you are now.

    Gotta wait til NeoGAF comes back up to confirm. :p
    I enjoy certain cinematic games. Dead Space 2 had it's moments, as did Uncharted 2 and both of those were phenomenal in my opinion. Also classics like tetris, Kirby and Fire Emblem I do love as well. Although I hate SSBB for some reason. Can't place my finger no it. Do you have a wii or a gamecube?
    The good kind I suppose. inFAMOUS, Portal, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Dead Space, Demon's Souls, Oblivion, Fallout, Disgaea, Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Crysis, Borderlands, Crash Bandicoot, mario, Sonic... yeup. You?
    The subscription to GI isn't a joke, it's not a bad magazine, the reviews can be pretty meh bit the interviews, the previews, and the fanmail is pretty good, as well as their cover stories. not to mention the subscription to GameInformer is free, in context.

    No, it's been there forever, since before EB Games was taken over. You've always had the ability to guarantee the disc lol. And lets say that there wasn't. You still have seven days to play the game and see if it has issues. For the most part, issues will surface within the first few hours of the game. Not always, of course, but often.
    Well.. you're wrong. Lol. I work at gamestop and I assure you there are just as many new games returned for problems as used, so not really a valid excuse. Plus the year-long warranty? It's MAXIMUM three dollars. if you can't afford that then you shouldn't be buying a game in the first place lol. Argument void.

    How about the Subscription problem?
    I can clarify those issues by stating that I've saved 300+ dollars on my games while being with Gamestop for six months. xD But, feel free to state you problems! :D
    .. You should listen to them about that "shitty service". Because it's actually a really, really good fifteen dollar investment. My boss and I talk all the time about idiots who could have made up to an extra 100$, but because they're knuckle-dragging scumbags who apparently can't do rudimentary math, they wind up with next to nothing.
    Ah I see. Well, I don't much care. I take flawless condition of the games I merch out, and I try my best to make sure that they're used if I can take a used one. However obviously given your situation not every is as careful as me in that respect. Hmm. Sorry to hear :/
    Baccano is the best on that list.

    Well, I work there first of all, and every employee is entitled to a 3 day "merch". Which is essentially renting a game and playing it and bringing it back. It's not awful, what's so bad about it?
    Dragonball is the only long one of the ones I listed :lmao

    The rest are at or around 26 episodes.
    I'm not exactly a huge anime buff, but I do have a few I really love. Cowboy bebop, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, Dragonball, Baccano! Mushi-Shi. They're all really good stuff for their own reasons.
    Haha I see, that very well could be it :amuse It's a very good anime though, you should check it out.
    Which one? my avatar? because that's Firo Prochainezo from Baccano! Or do you ean my profile image on my page? Because that's Graham Specter from Baccano! lol.
    Of course (hence why I'm wearing the set) - because it looks and seems to play nothing like the garbage it was.
    Tomb Raider has been disappointing all around (LOLOLOL, Hype? People only hype Lara's appearance... and that's out of the picture now, thank God).
    Thx for the f-request. I see you're a fellow FF ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".). I mean fan.
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