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  • Real Gogeta? You still around bro?
    It depends on whether i owe money to mbxx

    My memory has long left me so i
    Don't really remember you

    Your name rings a bell or two though

    From a younger, more innocent time
    When our autism was less developed and aggressive

    Whats up
    Understandable, I left the forum for 6+ years my memory ain't the best either.

    In our last interaction you gave me a league acc then you kinda faded from the forum for a while. I always wondered if you ever changed your mind about that, would gladly return it to you if that's the case.

    Less developed and aggressive, spot on:lmao

    I saw you posting again and thought I would drop by to say hello!
    We live in the inescapable prison of time, bound to its wickedness and horror

    I don't remember giving you an account, much less which one
    Do with it what you will
    Unless you plan on dusting it forever then keep it and do w/e

    Hello to you too. I still visit this forum but i mostly lurk
    Gathering information on members for future blackmails

    It's all about the long con baby
    Are you not dead from an OD by now?
    Now that i see you again i wish i was.
    Consider doing it then
    We are nothing more than weed in a blunt, waiting to be smoked.

    (i loathe dbz and the art style but i am using this smiley for YOU, appreciate it)
    How does it feel to have the most supreme DB character as your name.
    And so it came to pass, that the human race fell and the Earth was no more; And i looked down upon my new dominion as master of all; and i thought it good.
    I'm resisting to the fullest. :del Would not doubt it. I have a mic and a camera in my laptop.

    Damn right we will. :datass
    Brotha Yasuji? My boyfriend? Guy who left his family and came to stay with me? :maybe
    I haven't tried messing with Skype, everyone keeps trying to get me to though. :hmm
    I see. :maybe

    Damn. Put ours together and we could make a soap and have a series. It's really dead in there most of the time anymore. I just kind of stopped since Yasuji moved in with me honestly. :lmao Not enough smiles?! :uwah

    Things will work themselves out hopefully. :3
    Same here. I might post from time to time in the arcade chat to keep in touch with everyone but other than that I've vanished. Got a new forum that I'm trying to help out with activity. How has the situation with your family been? :sniff
    Badass as always I see. :datass

    Just dealing with typical family stuff, though some serious shit has happened. Yeah, I kind of got tired of the interwebz for awhile. :lmao
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