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  • i have never gotten into FPS games at all really. i wish i could tho. any recommendations? i mostly play RPGs and i'm psyched that AC: unity is coming out in a few

    well then it should be alright then? you wouldn't really need college if you start at 80K. holy shit. but then again you'd have to consider the job market
    physics. it's something i've learned to love.

    well it'd be a great fallback if you ever decide to change your mind about the military. then again, i think you'd do fine without college there in the US?

    if you ever decide to go to college what would you like to major in?
    holy shit are you like buffed up now? sounds horrible. but i think i'd go for that rather than have my mouth ache everytime it moves

    what have you been playing recently?
    usmc? as in marine corps? holy shit you've stepped up

    does that surgery hurt? i wanna take out mine as well

    master's degree is being a bitch so i decided to check out this place again. try to talk to you guys instead of leaving after everyone says "hi"
    My brother also built his first PC recently... First it didn't work but now it does. lol I'm good with my Sony laptop...

    Dev isn't nerdy anymore. Wow. You were one of the nerdiest that I actually remember! :lmao

    I just started back on NF and I'm trying to get back into graphics. I'm working a lot still. Which is nothing new... And that's my life. I work about 45+ hours a week. It's nice to be able to relax. I'm trying to enjoy my free time by getting on PS. I lead a sad small life. :cry
    Jude looks like even more of a pussy in Milla's route and Milla looks like more of a badass. Remember that scene where she got her legs injured? She got blown up TWICE before going down. You NEED to see that king's face when she does that. Haven't really tried Alvin's style. Jude is pretty boring in all aspects.
    I liked Milla:( Though her VA was terribly bland. The short prepoduction showed in everything. Alvin broke my suspension of disbelief quite a few times. Why the hell would they let him tagalong after he SHOT Leia while trying to kill Jude? It was fucking contrived as all hell.

    Oh well, Xillia 2 is much different. You'll have Gaius in your party with ALL his skills. The story is also reportedly the darkest in Tales history.
    Xillia was rushed out the door to be in time for the 15th anniversary. They fix and improve everything in Xillia 2. Though they also add quick time events...but they also have multiple endings. So I guess it balances out.
    I just bought Tales of Vesperia again. (Traded because I thought we'd get PS3 version, silly me.)
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