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  • i added you on psn
    hell ya man, message me whenever you wanna play
    in about an hour my download will be complete so i'll be down to play. :D
    just message me when you are ready to play my dude
    As an advanced player, you can do all of these at a level lower than the recommended. That list sounds more reasonable for first timers, imo.
    I mean, I wouldn't say don't do chalices since a lot of great bosses are in there, and it's better to do them at their appropriate level.

    Defiled chalice, and depth 5 FRC chalices is literally as hard as this game can possibly get.
    Pass me your PSN, brochacho. I'll serve you balas on a blood-stained platter once you farm and gem up :vegeta
    just got a mexican recruit in Xcom who's named Gabriel Flores, I shit you not
    You know, whenever I watch Ryan Higa/NigaHiga videos, it's like he's the Asian Gabes.. or you're the Hispanic Ryan lmao
    i killed bloodstarvedbeast on my first try. the old hunter summon was the one taking hits. and just keep on doing charge attacks on him and he has like 10% health remaining when the npc died. :lmao
    i have the dlc although i havent bothered starting it yet. i might go through it before the final boss

    i love the challenge. so far the most challenging boss for me was logarius all other bosses were just cheap ass hard hitting ass holes. :lmao
    i see. i might try to use the spear although i have to upgrade it first

    the hunter saif is available in the vanilla version or old hunters?
    Lol her charge was easy to dodge and i can tank it i have the rune that lessens all damage to 5% i think. Just stick to her at all times. Sometimes theres this weird collision detection and you're like inside her belly and you wont get hit by her tentacle swipe unless she pounces on you. She also one shot killed the old hunter summon with her projectile attack.

    I have the saw spear although im not fond of using it since i dont favor poking attacks. Especially against more than one enemy at the same time
    Took me 3 tries to beat ebrietas. Had to switch to my second most upgraded weapon, tonitrus and got the job done surprisingly. :lmao
    i have surpassed even norcal and gone up, up, up to washington !

    how has splinterboldt been treating you my man
    aww, but i wouldn't ever say i'm back-back
    i just log in like 3 times a year to lurk and search my name
    lmfao I have no fucking clue. I was confused af in my dream, so I just walked away and didn't buy any of it. It felt like a trap.

    In my dream I wanted to make a nice birthday dinner for Haze since it's his birthday weekend. So I was probably getting ahead of myself. I got this apple blossom thing which is this apple pie thing, and I like to eat it with the coffee bean ice cream.

    Hm..well this really old lady ordered a smoked butterscotch latte (i think it's disgusting lmao but w/e) and she didn't like it and asked for a vanilla latte, so I made her one. Next thing, she comes in and said it tasted like nothing even after I put in an extra pump of vanilla, bc you know, she's old and shit. So then my store mgr upgrades the drink to a large/venti, and completely spikes it with 4 shots of espresso instead of 2, and we pump literally only 3 or 4 pumps of vanilla and he was like, "idfc, you can't please some fucking people, so lets just give her a hyper ass mf day." and he turns to her and smiles and says, "here's your new drink." and she tastes it, smiles, thanks him, and walks away. He turns to me and goes, "I hope that shit sends her heart rate skyrocketing."

    I've just been getting free drinks like crazy and utilizing it to my advantage.
    I had a dream about trader joes and I kept picking up a tub of the coffee bean ice cream I really really liked and it kept melting. And then Inwanted to buy those sweetheart hard candy things from those boxes and there were some boxes that said gluten free and some that said vegan free and then some that said paraban free and they were full price :catdespair I had a weird ass mf dream but it was awesome bc it was in trader joes :del
    iunoo :catskully
    tbh it was just an expected turn of topic for questions and I wonder who is going to answer :catflower
    Don't be sad, because sad spelled backwards is 'das,' and das not good!
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