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  • Do not be impertinent, if the Senjus and Uzumakis common direct ancestor is the Younger Son then holistically in terms of Genealogy the two clans would still be sibling clans which would make them close-relatives, the Uzumakis could only be distant blood relatives per Kushina's statement if the Uzumaki ancestor is a " great grand uncle" of the Senjus and Uchihas. I suggest you read more on the subjects of Genealogy for you to be better ascertain the correct coefficient of relationships, good day.
    That is impossible, if the Senjus and Uzumakis share a single common ancestor aka the Younger Son then they would be close/immediate relatives for they would be sibling clans which would contradict Kushina's statement of the Uzumakis being distant relative of the Senjus. Therefore the only logical conclusion is that the Uzumakis and Senjus are cousin clans.
    Good to see more Naruto-fans are coming to Telegrams, those trollers need to be stopped. Keep posting quality posts! :)
    Just wanted to point out I respect a good portion of your posts. You're always a fun read. Kudos. :brofist
    Imo, they could've easily chosen not to fire and assist the disarming cop in taking him down. Killing him really wasn't by any means necessary. I'm still not buying it that they didn't have a taser, especially when they did have one for a deaf woman. If they really didn't, the department really should focus on training officers to use guns as a last resort and preferably only when at gunpoint with a criminal. It's disturbing that police will retaliate against anyone with a gun.
    Fair enough, tho I still don't find how that could justify outright killing him: he was outnumbered, outmatched in terms of weaponry and completely surrounded from my understanding. There was nowhere he could've gone, and his chances of killing anyone were far lower than him getting killed (hindsight proves this).

    But what really bothers me more than anything is that people find a person's death alright even tho he hasn't hurt anybody. I hate to think that cops would start to kill anyone who was a minor threat.
    It does :LOS

    But do explain how he isn't innocent? Apart from misdemeanor, what exactly did he do? He wasn't threatening anyone's life or keeping hostages as far as I know.
    looked at your named characters post. Good stuff. I am so tired of that boo hoo the wars sucks no name characters are dead. When if they thought about it more they would realize why. Kakashi can S/T shit away, Gai has gates, there are medic nins and named characters have the ability to retreat well enough to get to them, the list goes on.

    IF a named character got killed by those Zetsu than then would be a joke. IF they got killed by the Edo's who they have knowledge of and are teaming up against. 100 fodder+3 names vs Chiyo. The result is obvious.
    Yeah, I think so too. I also think Kishi might shift the focus to the Naruto VS Tobi fight.
    Ive never played it online, Im afraid I wont be able to stop. What other online games do u play?
    Remember that there are set shops that you can go to too.

    I recommend Kagura's shop. She's awesome. :awesome
    Just choose something from another series you like.

    I'm sure you're a fan of numerous fictions so there should be plenty of things for you to choose from.
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