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  • I'll make one soon but my Internet is kind of fucked up at the moment. :<

    Do you guys still post in those Nolan forums ?
    Just finished my summer classes :gar I finally have a break :iria

    Are you excited to return to school at all? What grade are you going into anyway, if I may ask?
    That would be lovely. <3

    Oh, that's totally understandable. It's alright. Thank you for asking. ~
    Do you have msn Em? I might have to start using my lj account again too. I really don't want to just stop talking to you guys. >:
    That's terrible. I really had grown attached t that that girl. Could you ask her for her phone or something? I would really like to stay in touch with her in any way possible. I guess I'll be making a FB again soon.

    No, please don't quit, I'm here and I'm not going anywhere. <3

    Oh, and thank you so much for the kind words at my FC. I am at a loss of words. <3
    Why are they waiting till the last minute? >:
    You don't know when you start? :uwah

    Wish I had your luck. How much time till the start of your classes?

    Yes, she's been gone for two days now and I'm losing it. Mike and me started the whole spamming trend, I see it's catching on. ;33

    You went to bed. Good. :I
    I couldn't sleep all night because it's 90 F. I'm guessing you're having the same problem. >:
    OH NOES >:

    To celebrate the release of Inception, in cinemas Friday 16th July, we've teamed up with Warner Bros to offer you the chance to win one of 5 goodie bags!

    Each goodie bag will consist of a Spinning Top, Soundtracks, Caps, Grey V-Necks, Black t-shirts, Next Level t-shirts, Ladies' t-shirts, Key-rings, and then - depending on how lucky you are - you may also get a Morph Pad, Anti-Gravity Pen, Watch, Box and Bag!

    Well, damn. I really feel for you. :sniff
    Wait...Really? :argh I could have sworn we spoke in Farsi to each other a long time ago. :argh I'm confused.
    Thanks, <3 Yes, I'm not an obsessed fangirl.

    Also, I still like Dom/Mal better.

    Being one I know that Leos are definitely modest. :3
    Naw, I just seem like that at times. I'm actually a very modest person. :sniff

    Kay. :33
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