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  • I said happy birthday in CAGFC didn't I? :uwah

    if not, happy belated birthday Jeremy oppa :cat
    Heyyy dummy I'm trying to find out who has the stock to that azn girl gif ava, do you remember who has it?

    I recall coming back to the forums with the 150 x 150 version and then someone helped me make the 150 x 200 one.. but I can't rmb :hm
    oops binasa ko ulit at mali nga HAHAHAHAA!! I'm slowly relearning Tagalog. Bear with me >___<

    hindi ako lumabas ng Las Pinas except when I'm going to the Partas terminal in Pasay. nakatakot naman...wala pala sila palalampasin...Gusto ko mamasyal sa Makati at Mandaluyong kasi doon ako madalas pumunta nung bata pa ako. Guimaras sa na nung na sa Iloilo ako...pero hindi rin. Bitin nga :sweatdrop.
    kasama ang ina ko. Ibang iba talaga na ang Pinas. Hindi ka pwede basta magtiwala ng tao. Lucky rin na safe kami. There were moments when guys would try and harass me. They also would try and "help" us get to certain destinations... Bale mga uncles ko ay lagi nearby sa akin. Bitin yun bakasyon kasi hindi ko napuntahan ang mga lugar na gusto ko. Pero maraming places naman ako na kita na ay meaningful para sa mga magulang ko.
    umuwi na ako, kuya tee hee

    My itinerary was mainly me hopping onto buses for six-hour long trips, flying to the islands and taking taxis.
    Thanks Dummy...your props are always welcome, and meaningful, especially coming from such a well respected member. Fucking hell...the 'boss' of the C.A.G.F gets all respect.smile-big
    That rep visual was really nice. The colors, the visuals, the...beautiful girls. Anyway, thanks.
    Why do you hate black people?
    It seems that the Cute Asian Girls FC is getting fairly thin lately...and even though I'm not a "completely" consistent contributor let me know if there's anything I can do to help bolster it. It may not be much, but I'd gladly do anything you think would help. This is one of the few FC's that is on point...and with a purpose that holds vast interest among...well...a vast constituency...that being...guys of all races and ethnicities who simply love the delights of Asian women.
    Hey dummy, not sure if you're interested, but the staff is offering a 4th name change for the 10th anniversary for the next 12hrs or so. Jiyeon made a name change request already. The thread is in the resort.
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