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  • Hey, which are the best Gundam shows in your opinion? All I've watched is G Gundam and that was great.
    Dude I fucking love your Gundam 00 siggy :kthumb

    Repping Gundam 00 A Wakening of the trailblazer

    niiiice :nod :nod
    "@Kyasurin Yakuto: Uh... okay."

    lol. Sorry if I weirded you out in the thread. I just meant that since a lot of people mistake my birthmark for a burn scar, it makes it kind of look like Roy already got me. When I cosplay Envy that is.

    I edited my post now to remove that part. I don't want to weird people out. :S

    Although a lot of people do make fun of me and call me 'burn face' and shit like that and my face was 'laser burned' in surgeries to try to remove that mark when I was little since my parents wanted it gone and the first time I went in for surgery on it and they laser burned it, they didn't put me to sleep and it hurt like hell. I screamed so much that my parents made them stop.

    Anyway, yeah most people on this site are younger people who have more free time. I guess I have more free time for my age. :/ I very rarely get to see any of my real life friends. -_- So I don't often have much to do in my free time and spend it here. *sigh* Yeah I am basically a loser I guess. I don't have the best social skills since the birthmark on my face outcast me a lot as a child. That's probably also why I sometimes say things out of place and weird people out. :/
    Wow you were born the same year as me. lol.

    I don't generally see a lot of people on here who are.
    Well, it wasn't a Higurashi special. Gene and I were just talking about our favorite seiyuu, but it wasn't really extensive at all, lol.

    It doesn't really matter where you are; all of us don't even live near each other. Well, Blade lives like a half-hour drive from me, but we all just meet up on Skype and record.
    Oh Oyashiro-sama, no. lol

    Have fun with those podcasts. Please don't expect anything too highly of me in the experimental seiyuu one. I totally messed up explaining Higurashi there, haha.

    I have a facebook so if you somehow find me, you'll see my pic. I posted links to it here before.
    Ruggedy Andy! It's been a while. I think I should be catching up with Higurashi Rei so we can spaz and nipah more.

    Yeah, it's not really a surprise, huh? But I wasn't expecting you'd leave a comment on my blog, thanks!
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